Saturday, May 25, 2024

Statement Concerning the Renewal of Governor Ned Lamont’s Emergency Powers


by State Representative Joe Gresko (D)
House District 121

“Connecticut’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic is greater than any one branch of government. These are unprecedented times, which necessitates a response that is collaborative and leverages every possible resource to ensure the best outcomes. The emergency declaration allows our state to maintain its swift and effective response and remain eligible for federal aid. Parts of the latest federal relief package actually require states to have an active emergency declaration in order to receive funding. Ending the emergency declaration prematurely could result in the loss of vital aid that directly benefits residents, our small businesses, and schools.

“The declaration has also enabled state leaders to efficiently distribute the COVID-19 vaccine and ramp up testing, safeguard access to healthcare, education for all students, and take steps to rebuild the state economy. On Thursday, our state was ranked among the top three states in the nation for its vaccine administration efforts.

“With the Connecticut General Assembly in session, we can pass legislation overriding controversial executive orders, and we will continue to scrutinize the Governor’s renewal of the emergency declaration as well as every executive order signed. The emergency powers also allow the legislature to address the long-term issues the pandemic has exposed. Legislative leaders have been in constant communication with the governor’s office and have been involved in the process every step of the way. This will be an ongoing discussion as the COVID-19 situation in Connecticut evolves. I invite constituents who have questions or concerns to contact me to discuss them.”

Members of the public can reach out to Rep. Gresko by emailing or by calling 860-240-8585.


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