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Stratford Board of Education names new Superintendent


Stratford School Move Forward

Windsor High School Principal Uyi Osunde names to post

Photo Courtesy of Journal Courier

On Thursday the Board of Education announced that Windsor High School Principal Uyi Osunde has been named the next Superintendent of Schools in Stratford. Osunde is replacing current Superintendent Janet Robinson, who is retiring in June after leading the district since 2013. His start date is July 1.

Osunde, who served as principal at Windsor High School since 2016, possesses a “wealth of school leadership experience, serving as a principal, assistant principal and counselor in Connecticut high schools,” according to a news release.

According to Mr. Uyi Osunde, “I am humbled and excited about the opportunity that Allison DelBene and the Stratford Board of Education have extended in selecting me to lead Stratford Public Schools. I look forward to establishing relationships and collaborating with faculty and staff, parents and guardians, as well as town leaders, to do this work of shepherding our students through, what is hopeful to be, the back end of the coronavirus pandemic.”

He was chosen from a pool of 22 applicants from several states. The search was facilitated by consultants from Trumbull-based Cooperative Educational Services (CES) and The Bryan Group, who guided the district’s search committee through the decision- making process by providing a leadership profile and selection criteria based on results of a survey and focus groups with the district’s various stakeholders, in addition to providing measurable performance criteria drawn from an advanced interview process with candidates.


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