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Stratford Threatened by Zoning Changes of Single Family Homes


By Save Our Stratford Zoning

On Wednesday, March 16th over 30 concerned Stratford residents showed up at Paradise Pizza to discuss a developer’s request of a zone change on Broadbridge Avenue from Emerald to Barnum Ave.  The developer is seeking to have the zone changed from a single-family zone to a multi-family zone.

The developer has purchased two houses side by side.  Our understanding is that they would like to build up to 25 to 30 multi-family homes/units per acre.

House values will decrease!  Traffic will increase greatly!

Please go to the link below to sign the petition and add your comment.  The petition is not limited to one email address per household.  Everyone in your home over the age of 18 can add to keeping Stratford zoned as single family homes as it is today.  In addition, interested parties to help by signing the petition can be of friends and families that share the same feeling as us.

To sign on-line go to:

  • You now have made a difference! Thank you for caring about Stratford as you know it.

Letters for better clarification or your input can be written or emailed to:

Jay Habansky
Stratford Town Hall
Planning and Zoning
2725 Main Street Stratford

Jay Habansky’s email:

Jay will receive letters and forward them to be documented and read at the town meetings.

Editor’s Note:

Gold Coast Properties, LLC, a Stratford-based developer, wants to change Single-Family Zoning to Multi-Family Zoning in order to build around 35 units of housing per acre of land along both sides of Broadbridge Ave in Stratford.

According to one resident speaking out at the Zoning Commission meeting on January 28th, “Not only will our property values decrease, but so will our quality of life. This large development will increase traffic to an already dangerous road, which has no sidewalks, limited public transportation, and multiple lanes of speeding traffic. The increase in population will strain our already overcrowded school system, increases traffic, and possibly overburden our sewage system. When we bought our homes, we did so believing that the town zoning board would follow its own rules and regulations, instead of decreasing our property values and putting our safety at risk in order for a developer to profit. If this change goes through for Broadbridge Avenue, what will stop the same thing from happening in the rest of our town?



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