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Temporary Win for Turtles and Wetlands


99 Hawley Lane
Inland Wetland Commission Regular Meeting
August 17th, 2022

The proposed 129 unit residential apartment complex with 2,500 sf community building, parking and infrastructure, for 99 Hawley Lane proposed by Mountain Development Corporation was denied by a 6-1 vote.

The controversial development was a subject of a petition signed by over 695 people, and public comments against the development to both the Stratford Town Council and the Inland and Wetland Commission.  99 Hawley Lane was also denied development in 2011.

Kelly Kerrigan, Environmental Conservation Superintendent, reviewed Sections 10.3 and 10.4 with Commissioners, as well as the potential conditions for consideration:

  • Conservation Easement to Town
  • Submittal of invasive species control plan with three (3) year follow-up
  • Operations & Maintenance Plan for storm-water
  • Restriction on pesticide/herbicide fertilizer use
  • Bedrock removal plan
  • Box turtle plan
  • Implementation of wetland scientist recommendations
  • Wetland scientist review and recommendations of area

Members of the commission raised questions they had on the development:

  1. Koripsky would like a plan to discourage mosquito breeding in storm water runoff; he also reiterated the importance of these wetlands noting they are 70’ lower than proposed construction and will most likely have a run-off impact.
  2. Blake would like to see back-up pumps and maintenance/servicing every two (2) years
  3. Capinera questioned blasting, monitoring of pesticide use, and the need to have someone survey the whole property.
  4. Waite made a motion to deny the project, and the motion was seconded by Mr. Blake. The petition was denied by a 6-1 vote, with the only vote supporting the development from Mr. Fahy.

Editor’s Note:  This proposal next goes to the Stratford Zoning Commission.

Other development proposals discussed by the Committee included:

James Farm Eight-lot residential subdivision and associated infrastructure. Applicant: William N. Fedorko and the Estate of David Fedorko, represented by Attorney Barry Knott.  Knott noted this is an eight (8) lot sub-division – with lots #5,6,7,8 being in a wetland area – and lots 1,2,3,4 not in wetland area. The committee also reviewed correspondence from John Casey and the Planning Commission. The Planning Commission is unable to act on this petition without the approval of the Inland Wetland Commission.  It also needs Water Pollution Authority approval..

  1. Matthews from Wm. Kinney Associates noted than an existing shed will be removed from the wetland area.

Mr. Karpinsky questioned storm-water mitigation, and Cultec maintenance.

  1. Stalis, Land Architect, discussed the wetland and shed area, plantings for restoration and drainage.

Attorney Knott discussed zone change in 2019 and is willing to record restriction on land records for single-family residences only in perpetuity.

Ms. Kerrigan reiterated that lots 5,6,7 and 8 will have to come back prior to building.

Dr. Chess made a motion to approve the project with the stipulations that maintenance contract for infiltration basins be put in place. The motion was seconded by Mr. C. Blake. The motion carried unanimously.

Also on the agenda and discussed was the construction of a 387,854 SF commercial warehouse at 1255 & 1297 West Broad Street (site of the former Ross and Roberts Manufacturing plant which had closed their doors for good, in early 2008 due to increased taxation and operating costs.  Applicant: West Broad Street Property Owner, LLC was represented by Attorney Barry Knott, representing petitioner, noted these are two (2) pieces of property which needs environmental remediation, as they contain low quality contaminated wetlands. The Stratford Architectural Review Board has approved the project and it will be heard by the Zoning Commission on September 28th.

  1. Matthews, Wm. Kenney Associates, discussed low quality of contaminated wetlands and proposal of creating woodland wetlands in area. She discussed planting plan and the three (3) year monitoring of the vegetation plan.

Attorney Knott outlined the history of the property and clean-up of the site and that all abutting property owners ae commercial and will have not residential impact.  (Abutting property owners are the Bottle Redemption Center and Dunkin’ Donuts)


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