Termination of Head Start Classrooms at South End Community Center

By Stephanie Philips

Email sent to Mayor Laura Hoydick

I am deeply concerned about the recent news of the Town of Stratford terminating the Head Start Classrooms at the South End Community Center.  I understand there is a planned renovation; however, the Alliance program has said that six months is not nearly enough time to create an alternative space and work with the parents.

Furthermore, the Alliance Head start program has not received any contract or assurance of their return to the center following its completion.  As you recall, I was involved in an emotional transition of the community center into a childcare program at the loss of our community meeting space.

Although I am sure you know the Head Start program has developed to be an essential part of addressing our low-moderate community’s early learning needs.

I would like to understand why the Town wants to drop the program without explanation or community engagement.  Therefore, I respectfully ask several of us to meet with you in your office and develop an acceptable alternative plan to restore the Head Start program following the upgrades to the building.


Stephanie Philips

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