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The Old Stratford Neighborhood Association (OSNA)


By:Andrea Byrne

The Old Stratford Neighborhood Association (OSNA) has been active in the Historic District since the mid-1970’s. It is a non-political, social organization open to all homeowners and renters, whether living in older homes or more contemporary dwellings.

Our primary purpose is to create a sense of community and provide information on issues of concern through email, snail-mail, and on Facebook.

On the social side, we have at least two events: a summer outdoor get-together, and a holiday party following caroling in the neighborhood. All our social events are family-friendly, providing kids an opportunity to meet new friends and playmates. Join us for our late August picnic! Email the address below for details.

We have sponsored debates prior to important elections, and have been a strong vocal participant on such topics as the future of the Shakespeare Theatre site, the Center School development, increasing traffic concerns, and much more.

This is a neighborhood where many have lived for decades, some for generations. We invite any and all who share a love of this foundational part of our town to join OSNA and help preserve its special quality for the generations to come.

Board Members: Elizabeth Saint, Megan Merwin, Andy Byrne and Tom Yemm.
For information and membership, please email

Editor’s Note: The Town of Stratford is Divided into 10 voting districts.
Each District has its own unique identify and in many cases, their own District social media presence. The Stratford Crier is interested in hearing from you. Please submit information on your District outreach to your residents. Please send your information to:


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