Thursday, April 25, 2024

The Pandemic is Not Over…Entirely


The Soap Box

By Timothy Bristol

As we go into the summer and the fall of 2022 and people gather for large events and family parties I think we must acknowledge that the Covid pandemic is not entirely over. I know that we are all exhausted by the now 2 plus years of the pandemic and it has taken its toll on everyone. But as recently as last week our governor and lieutenant governor contracted Covid and they are vaccinated and have the booster shots. This shows that Covid is going to be a constant in our lives at least for the foreseeable future.

I got my booster shot this past week and I advocate that everyone get vaccinated and boosted if you can do so. I got Covid back in December 2021 and it was the worst experience I have ever had. While I did not have to go to the hospital because I was vaccinated, I was very sick even after the 10-day quarantine was over. I did not fully recover for weeks. I couldn’t taste or smell anything for a month and those senses have only now really recovered. It was a month-long illness that I do not wish to repeat.

Aside from the symptoms of Covid (which were awful) the isolation of quarantine is something I never want to experience again. Not being able to have physical contact or to even be in the same room as my wife for 10 plus days was excruciating and took away a valuable coping mechanism for the fear of having Covid and getting worse. I would not wish that on anyone.

I know that we have made great progress in fighting Covid and have largely returned to our lives. While we have returned to a kind of normal, I do not think that we should as a community or society shrug off Covid as done.

This week the states Covid test positivity rate rose above 5% for the first time since the last wave. I don’t think that we need any more of the more extreme measures used in the past, but when positivity rates go up we should wear masks to protect others and ourselves. In addition, if you feel sick you should stay home and get tested. We all should follow that basic standard practice.

We have learned a lot since the beginning of the pandemic, but I think that we are also in danger of forgetting the struggle of the last two years. I do not want to get Covid again, and it is very easy to avoid.

Wear a mask when it seems necessary and just be cautious when spikes come in the positivity rates. On the Food Truck, we always have a supply of masks in case we need them, and we always have sanitizer available for the customers and us.  As long as we are vigilant and take proper precautions, I think we can have a good summer. The Covid pandemic is not over, and while it seems to be more of an afterthought in the media, we should still take it seriously.


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