Thursday, April 25, 2024

The Perfect Christmas Gift


A Stocking Stuffer for Theatre Lovers in Your Family

The Stratford-based playwright group, SquareWrights, has been writing and producing original plays in town and all over the globe for almost two decades.

The group, combining artistic endeavors with community service, has raised funds for the library, Perry House and the Food Pantry at Sterling House in addition to national and international disaster relief efforts.

This year, SquareWrights responded to the pandemic and its effect on our residents in two ways. The group published a book of original plays about resilience, a needed trait in these turbulent times, and designated the proceeds from the sale of the book to help Sterling House’s food pantry.

The book, Resilience Plays, can be purchased for $15 at:

or in-person at Sterling House Community Center, 2283 Main Street, Stratford, with an additional fee, books can be shipped for $20.

Books will also be available at the Sterling House booth at the Shakespeare Market on Sunday, December 19th.


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