Tuesday, June 25, 2024

The Stratford Crier can be an Essential Part of our Community


by David Chess, MD

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

The Stratford Crier can be an essential part of our community, our democracy and our building Stratford in a way we can all be proud of. Stratford Forward, the sponsor of the Stratford Crier, was formed over 2 years ago as a 501 C3 nonprofit. It is a non-partisan, grassroots effort to bring people together around issues that touch their lives, that touch our community and the future of our community.

If we are to have a community that truly invests in its citizens, that truly provides the best education for our children, that lifts each of us as much as possible and we lift our town as much as possible, we need a way to share ideas, to share a vision and to tell the stories of Stratford.

The success of this effort depends on community involvement, we are largely a volunteer organization with a very small budget. We need your help!!

Stratford is our Town, The Crier is our paper (virtually speaking).

Please become part of our extended writers, contributors.

Please contribute to the Stratford Crier. We really need your help. You contribute by mailing a check to Stratford Forward 1990 Elm St, Stratford CT 06615 – For the our Crier

Our Click the link: https://stratfordcrier.com/donate/

With kindness and thanks,
David Chess


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