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The Working Computer


By Gregg Allen

Our goal is to give readers some helpful tips on how to perform basic maintenance tasks to keep their home computers “healthy”. The author is a computer educator, and owner of The Working Computer, LLC.

The Art of Desktop Computer Maintenance: A Humorous Guide for Apple and Windows Users

Your desktop computer – whether it’s an Apple Mac or a souped-up Windows PC – is like a trusty sidekick in your digital life. But unlike a sidekick, it requires a bit of TLC to keep things running smoothly. In this light-hearted yet practical guide, we’ll explore how to maintain your desktop computer, ensuring that it remains your loyal companion.

Maintain a “Clean” Relationship

Let’s face it, desktops get dirty – and not just in a “you missed a spot” kind of way. Dust bunnies always seem to find their way into the cooling fans or insulating components so they get a lot hotter than is recommended. Give your computer the spa treatment it deserves by gently dusting its exterior and blowing away those pesky dust bunnies inside using compressed air. Your computer will thank you with better airflow to keep things cool.

Dress Up Your OS

Software updates are like the trendy outfits your computer likes to wear. Both macOS and Windows offer updates that improve security and performance. Keep your computer in vogue by ensuring it sports the latest updates, and trust us—they’ll keep you safer on the mean streets of the internet.

The Shield and the Sword

Every superhero needs protection, and your computer is no different. Arm it with a trusty antivirus and anti-malware software, guarding against the nefarious villains of the digital world. Regular scans and updates will keep your computer’s fortress secure.

Data Backup – The Ultimate Insurance Policy

Backing up your data is like having a secret escape plan for your files. We’ve covered this in an earlier article. Use tools like Time Machine for Mac or Windows Backup and Restore for, well, Windows. Don’t forget the cloud for added peace of mind—you could end up being the superhero of the story.

“KonMari” Your Desktop

Your computer’s desktop can resemble a chaotic junk drawer. Channel your inner Marie Kondo and declutter it regularly. Organize files into tidy folders and say goodbye to digital clutter. Joy and a faster computer await!

The Temperature Tango

Ever seen your computer break into a sweat? Monitor its temperature with specialized software to prevent overheating. It’s like giving your tech buddy a cooling fan in the scorching digital desert.

Hygiene for Peripherals

Even superheroes need grooming! Clean your keyboard and mouse to prevent sticky keys and erratic mouse moves. A soft brush or a shot of compressed air will have them looking sharp.

Startup Starlets

Your computer’s startup programs are like entourage members. Some are necessary VIPs; others are just hangers-on. Trim the excess and give your computer a smooth red-carpet entrance into the digital world.


Maintaining your desktop computer, be it an elegant Mac or a dependable Windows PC, is vital for its longevity and performance. By following these tips infused with a touch of humor, you’ll keep your computer running smoothly, ensuring it remains your trusty digital companion. After all, a little laughter makes the digital world a friendlier place. So, go forth and maintain your desktop with style and a grin – your computer will be forever grateful! We wouldn’t want to anger our A.I. overlords now would we?


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