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University of Connecticut Basketball



By Xavier Cromwell Mcdowell

Stratford High School

UConn’s run to the final four is pretty crazy because just two months ago they falling in and out of the top 25 and wasn’t doing that well in conference play and now they are two games away from winning the national championship for the fifth time. (Editor’s Note, they won the National Championship!!! #BleedBlue)

This run is even crazier because they don’t have any top players on anyone’s draft boards.  At most they have a couple late first rounders’ and second rounder’s which doesn’t mean much because it doesn’t matter what pick you get drafted as long as you play well in the NBA.

Although, this isn’t the first time UConn has been a 7th seed and made it to the final four, actually the last time they went to the tournament as a 7th seed they won the championship.  Is the 7th seed a good luck charm for the both years, this year and the 2014 run.  They both went on to win the first 10+ games of the season but the difference is that this year after they lost their first game they went 10-6 for the rest of the regular season whereas the 2014 squad after their first lost went 17-6 in the regular season.

Also, just like the 2014 there’s no top 15 draft prospect.  At the time they had Shabazz Napier, and now they have Andre Jackson Jr., and even he’s not even a real prospect yet he’s more of a late second round draft pick maybe if he stays and plays well he’ll be able to be a higher draft pick.


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