Saturday, July 20, 2024

NBA Review


by Xavier Cromwell-McDowell

The Boston Celtics are your 2024 NBA World Champions!!!!

They have finally gotten the 18th banner they have been waiting for; with this recent title they now have the most NBA titles in history.

They were also on a historic run going 16-3 throughout this entire playoff run which is third all-time in the NBA. Although the run was historical, people are saying that run was a little tainted due to the fact that every team in the east had a star player that was hurt.   In the first round vs the Heat they were without Jimmy Butler for the entire series, and then the Cavaliers in the second round stole a game from them with Donovan Mitchell, and then he got hurt, And finally, Tyrese Haliburton got hurt in game 2 which throughout that series was evenly matched.

Besides game 3 in the finals the series wasn’t close.  You could see the difference between the teams, you were able to tell who had played in the finals before versus who hadn’t, as well as just the simple fact that the Celtics were a much better team overall.

Not only did they win the title this year they have brought everyone back for another season so they have the team to go back-to-back. The Mavericks on the other hand overachieved tremendously, nobody expected them to make it out of the first round and then proceed to take the number one and two seed out of the playoffs is crazy. Now for the Mavs, it is about getting another veteran piece to help carry the load for Kyrie and Luka as well as being a true third-scoring option for them.

Luka is still gonna have an MVP season and this was a great learning experience for him as he has never made it to the finals before this year, and now he officially knows what it takes for him to take his team all the way.

Kyrie finally let the noise get to him as he had a hard time playing in TD Garden as he was barely able to put up more than 16 a game in Boston compared to the 35 and 21 he had in Dallas. If they play the Celtics again next season will Kyrie be able to deal with the noise in Boston?

Can Dallas make it out of the stack Western Conference again?

There are so many questions to be answered next year and that is why we love the NBA.


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