Want To Be A Screenwriter?

Masterclass on Creative Writing: Screenwriting Fundamentals

On-Line Workshop on Saturday, August 13th from 10:00 a.m. – Noon
Sterling House Community Center

From Arts Alliance of Stratford

TV Shows and Films engage us. They make us forget time, tie our stomach in knots, cause involuntary tears or laughter, and sometimes they even help us transcend our limits and look at our struggles in a new way.

Screen stories inspire us.

What makes good drama? What is the invisible structure that makes a story either nail-bitingly suspenseful or fall flat so we are reaching for the remote? How do we learn to craft our own life stories into actual dramatic scenes that people will want to listen to, and if they get made, watch them over and over again?

These essential questions will be answered in this Screenwriting Fundamentals Masterclass where participants will learn:

• How to create drama and avoid the pitfalls of flat storytelling
• How to master suspense and leave your audience satisfied but also wanting more
• How to begin using proper screenplay format, including terminology, basic rules of the page and insider tips
• And how to spot and use the invisible story structure underlying every movie and TV show you’ve ever seen.

If you like good movies but loathe wasting time on bad movies then this class will give you the inside scoop on how screenwriters manipulate expectations, build suspense and shock or delight us with twists and turns. Put down the remote and pick up a pen. It’s time your story came to life.

Online workshop – Once registration is complete, the Zoom meeting link will be emailed to you.

Arts Alliance of Stratford members: $30.00
Non-members: $40.00

Register at https://artsallianceofstratford.org/all-creative-writing-classes

Beginning to advanced writers welcome.–

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