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Stratford the Beautiful

Stratford Crier Contest

The Crier has launched a weekly photo quiz to acquaint readers with the many beautiful parts of our town.  Crier photographers will publish photos of Stratford’s gems and ask readers to identify the location. First right response will be honored with a free ice cream cone from Goody Bassett, a Stratford Mecca for ice cream lovers.

Email your “guess” to:

This week’s gem is to commemorate a very special police officer who made history in Stratford.  Have you seen it?

Let us know where, and what you know about it. There’s ice cream at Goody Bassett on Main Street, just waiting for the “first responder”.

Stratford the Beautiful is happy to return after a two-week hiatus.  Our last marker, that of Captain John Carpenter, can be found on Academy Hill.

Not much is known about the valiant Captain except for what is written in this old marker.  He was born in England in 1628 and settled in Stratford before 1640. He commanded the Jamaica Fusiliers in defense of Fort James, New York, when the Dutch fleet of William of Orange recaptured New York from the English.

The marker is easy to locate, and when you visit it to pay your respects you can read the whole text.

Ice cream cone awaits at Goody Bassett for the first one to identify the location of this week’s marker.  Send submissions to:



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