Friday, May 24, 2024

Zoning Board of Appeals:


Editor’s Note: on November 2nd Stratford residents will head to the polls to vote in a municipal election. As part of the Stratford Crier’s mission of keeping residents informed we will be running bios of those running for office.

District 1 and District 2

Ellen Fraint

Ellen Fraint is thrilled and excited to announce her first ever candidacy for public office. “I am eager to represent my neighbors in the 1st and 2nd districts on the Zoning Board of Appeals and hope to do my part in developing Stratford into an ever more vibrant community.

Some of the strengths I will bring to the position on the Board will be an unflinching dedication to affordable housing, preserving green space, and a commitment to fairness and transparency.

I am passionate about social justice, environmentalism, and public health. I constantly strive to become a more effective anti-racist ally, a better role model to my children, and a more active public citizen working to improve my community.

Ellen moved to Stratford 3.5 years ago to finish her medical training. She now works as a Pediatric Oncologist and researcher in the Bronx taking care of children who have leukemia and receive stem cell transplants.

She is a proud homeowner in Stratford along with her wife, a surgeon at Yale. Their 2 beautiful children are especially big fans of the parks, playgrounds, and beaches that Stratford offers.



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