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Zoning Commission Meeting on March 23rd.


Broadbridge Development

On Wednesday, March 23rd at a Zoning Commission Public Hearing over 18 concerned Stratford residents showed up to weigh in on Gold Coast Properties, LLC, a Stratford-based developer, who requested a change of Single-Family Zoning to Multi-Family Zoning in order to build around 35 units of housing per acre of land along both sides of Broadbridge Ave in Stratford.

Attorney Barry Knott, who represents Gold Coast Properties, opened the meeting by noting that in meetings with Jay Habansky, Planning and Zoning Administrator, the original petition to the Zoning Board had been amended with the following changes:

  1. Eliminated the area between Barnum Avenue and Success Avenue from development, as that area is densely populated with single-family homes.
  2. Reduced coverage from 60% to 40%
  3. Number of units per acre would be 20-25 at market value; 25-30 if 10% affordable (referred to as workman housing), 30-35 units if age restricted.
  4. Open space increased to 15% from 10%.

Attorney Knott noted that all of the proposed changes fit into the Town’s POD.

Following residents speaking in opposition to proposed Text Amendment:

  • Velotti, 2850 Broadbridge Avenue – questioned sewer capacity
  • Sweeley, 197 Short Bech Road – objected to zone change
  • Rainey,206 Red Brid Drive – objected to density, grade of material and parking
  • Campofiore, 6 Red Brid Drive – density and effects on environment
  • Callahan, 271 Castle Drive – discussed spot zoning and traffic
  • Kalkay, 3124 Broadbridge Avenue, traffic
  • Stewart, 3125 Broadbridge Avenue – traffic
  • Gloriosa, 2890 Broadbridge Avenue – traffic
  • Safardiu, 2910 Broadbridge Avenue – Traffic and density
  • Leslie, 1551 Broadbridge Avenue – Drainage and traffic
  • Topalski, 150 Carol Road – objects to multi-family housing, traffic
  • Dancho, 10th District Councilwoman – Discussed zoning regulations and traffic
  • Cann, Councilman, trffic, no sidewalks, drainage and need to adopt town-wide regulations for housing
  • Hoydick, Mayor, Feels Zoning needs to review Section 5.3, cannot compare this project to TOD and complimented previous speakers
  • Resident, 2688 Broadbridge Avenue – Density and Traffic
  • Resident 54 Striekfus Road – traffic
  • Resident, 95 Red Bird Drive- density
  • Resident, 707 Hawley Lane – traffic

Entered into record opposition signatures along with numerous letters and e-mails received from residents.

A motion was made to table the proposal until a printed hard copy with all of the changes was submitted to the Zoning Commission.


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