Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Zoning Commission


Zone 3, District 5 and District 6

Harold Watson

For the past 6 years, Harold Watson has served on the Planning Commission, first as an alternate, then elected as a commissioner, and finally as Planning Chairman, where he has been dedicated to realizing Stratford’s Plan of Conservation and Development, as well as making real our response to coastal resiliency and housing affordability.

He has lived in Stratford for the past 15 years, and previously in New York City and at the end of Long Island, where he was also active in town planning and regional LIS (Long Island Sound) environmental and coastal issues.

For four years, Harold served as Vice-Chair of the town’s SDTC (Stratford Democratic Town Committee) and an even longer period as the SDTC Data Director helping bring Stratford Democrat’s campaigns into the digital age, earning him Democrat of the Year 2017.

An avid bicycler and a member of both the Greenway and Complete Streets Committees, he prefers the up-close view of wetlands, the Long Island Sound, and parklands, and he has argued for greater commitment by the town to the as yet incomplete Stratford Housatonic Greenway network.


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