Tuesday, June 25, 2024

2024 Stratford Main Street Festival


Main Street Festival 2024 Wrap-Up

Welcome to the nearly 100 new Stratford Crier readers who signed up on that beautiful day! The weather could not have been better, the crowd could not have been in a more jovial mood, and the vendors offered a fantastic array of everything from tasty foods to whimsical hand-crafted pottery, colorful and creative paintings, jewelry, activities for kids, a bake sale of fresh home-made delights, and a whole lot more!

At the Stratford Crier booth our fishing game drew kids of all ages to play.

Catch a plastic fish with a plastic rod, reel and hook, and win the prize of your choice, plus a bag of Goldfish crackers.

The end of the day brought a surprise to those of us near the entrance to St. James Church. The doors opened and out came a lovely bride in a gorgeous gown, the handsome groom and their beautifully-dressed wedding party! They all quickly got into the spirit of the day and hopped onto the Choo-Choo train that gave rides around the festival, providing some unique wedding photos…

Our thanks to The Rotary Club of Stratford for providing this annual festival since 2011! The proceeds will support various community efforts, including high school scholarships, Thanksgiving food baskets, Lord’s Kitchen, and Food Distribution for those in need. Rotarians also provide a Dictionary for every Stratford 3rd grader and a Thesaurus for every 5th grader. In addition, they fund or provide hands-on volunteers for projects servicing seniors, the special needs population, student education, homelessness, and environmental concerns.

What a great way to start the summer!



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