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Adult Supervision for Teens at the Mall


Letter To The Editor

By Atiana Louis-Charles

Recently the Connecticut Post Mall in Milford set up a Parental Guidance Program, where teens are to be supervised by someone above the age of 18 past 4:00 p.m.

This has been caused due to many fights breaking out and kids acting up in a public mall. The fights have caused multiple families to not come to the mall therefore the mall losing a lot of profit they used to have.

The Connecticut mall has this program lasting up to January 3rd, 2023. One adult may accompany four youths, according to a mall spokesperson. The adult has to stay with them while at the mall, Proof of age is required, a driver’s license or ID, and even may be required for those under 17. Those who can’t provide proof of age will be asked to leave the mall.

This program isn’t new to the mall though, It’s not the first time the Connecticut Post Mall has started a similar policy. Similar rules were enforced during 2018, 2019, and 2020 after brawls involving teens. This policy only has an effect on the Milford mall, this is causing teens to go over to the Trumbull Mall and do exactly what they did at Milford.

Starting brawls and chaos.

This all started in 2018 where the CT Post Mall was closed due to teens starting a brawl leading to arrest, “The Connecticut Post Mall in Milford has closed for the night following multiple teen brawls, according to News 8’s Mario Boone. The Milford Police Department tells News 8 the mall closed at 7:30pm Wednesday. Multiple officers responded. Fights started breaking out at around 4:00 p.m Wednesday, according to police.” Although only one teen was arrested and No injuries were reported it doesn’t make it okay for someone to come in a family friendly public place and start unnecessary problems. They could have talked it out, or they would’ve done whatever they needed to do somewhere else. Due to these problems, the mall is losing a good half of their own business because people would rather find somewhere else to go than the mall because of these issues.

What effects does this policy have on my age group? This policy has had a very big impact on my age group, it prevents all of us from doing something we enjoyed because of others’ mistakes, this hurts us all as one big group. Do I think this policy is fair? Personally no, this rule has ruined a lot of teens’ only way to have fun. Yes the brawls should end and be handled elsewhere but I think the policy is just gonna be surpassed as it isn’t being as enforced as people claim it is, as many teens still run the mall free, not getting stopped at all. Although I don’t think it is fair, it is right. It definitely needed to happen and was a good idea.

What has led to this policy? Since this policy was implemented teens have found other malls to terrorize and start problems in. I feel no matter what teens are going to be teens and start chaos wherever they are.They will find ways to surpass the rules even if it means running from security or hiding in stores.

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