Thursday, May 30, 2024

Artificial Intelligence Art (AI)


By Mallory Ferrari
Stratford High School

Media, all promoting new apps or filters that supposedly use a keyword or sentence to create an original piece of art. Though some find this new process entertaining and creative, it has many controversies that have been brought up recently that are extremely important to acknowledge before you continue to support these works.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated art has been a way for many individuals to gather up confidence regarding their appearance with the help of being able to see yourself in an imaginative way. In addition to this, AI artwork has also been seen as a turning point in the artistic world and process.

Despite these positive claims supporting the trend, I believe they are strongly outweighed by the negative effects on artists and humanity. AI generated art has been accused of stealing artists’ work without giving any sort of credit, consent, or information that its pieces are in fact not original. It is said that these AI’s have been excused from violation of copyright due to the fact that some are new nonprofit organizations and are an open and accessible source. With this claim, the argument is sent in the direction of the morals of people.

Art is a pure and emotional profession, meaningful to people everywhere. Artists create things through hard work, time, and sensation. They create for us, they use their talents to help people feel. To steal their works and to destroy every emotion that had been felt during its creation with the use of AI is terrible. These people are feeling degraded and unappreciated, yet people continue to support these platforms without stopping to think about how it’s affecting artists.

Not only do these AI generated works negatively affect artists, but they also seem to have been degrading different ethnicities, sexualities, and genders. It is said that many AI’s lack representation of race, and have been using disgusting stereotypes when it comes to certain keywords in relation to ethnicity. The AI generated artwork platforms are argued to be progressive and confidence boosting, yet they seem to somehow be extremely conservative despite not even being beings. Though some people who use these filters or websites use the excuse of it being enlivening to their self confidence, it can also be degrading to those who aren’t cisgender. The platforms use beauty standards and aren’t inclusive to those who may appear different, which is another flaw within inhumane artwork.

Before deciding to participate in new trends that support these platforms, think to yourself if you really want to involve yourself in something degrading to so many people around the world.


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