Thursday, May 30, 2024

Board of Education Budget Cuts


By Judee Simms McMellon

After having taught 40 years in the Town of Stratford, I have seen and worked with many political leaders, superintendents and Boards of Education. There are always many needs for education and the town , but things have mostly been worked out with discussions and some cuts. But this year I must say I find it abhorrent that the Board of Education, as elected political leaders, are unable to work together for the betterment of the students and teachers and parents of Stratford. What a tremendous disservice to the young future citizens of Stratford.

There are many sad days ahead for Stratford students . The inability of the Board of Education to show bipartisanship for the needs of the town’s youngest citizens displays a very negative reflection toward the importance of the educational system, of the Town of Stratford, by its Board of Education .

Scores will surely plummet due to the removal of so many professional specialists who work so hard for the success of all students, especially those most in need.

The students will be working with the minimal amount of supplies, with teachers spending their own money to get materials to supply to their classroom students, to make up for the lack of necessary materials.

Stratford will not see quality educators applying to a district that shows such low regard to its students and staff.

Kindness and teamwork are always a priority, taught by teachers and shown by Stratford students.

It is a shame that the Board of Education and some of the town’s political leaders can not follow suit!


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