Thursday, April 25, 2024

Boat be Gone


Russian Beach Sailboat Sent to Scrapyard

A sailboat that washed up on Russian Beach in June was sent off to a final resting place on Friday the 13th.

Calls to Stratford Public Works, Stratford Police Department, Department of Environmental Protection Abandoned Boat Division, , First District Town Councilman Chris Pia went unanswered.

A call to State Representative Joe Gresko (D) not only was answered, he knew what to do!  He enlisted the aid of the Long Island Soundkeeper, Bill Lucey.  The Soundkeeper showed up with a chain saw, sawzall, and many shovels.  Emma, assistant to the Soundkeeper, was also enlisted.

After using the chain saw and sawzall pieces of the boat needed to be moved – and it became apparent the help was needed!  A call for help from Labozzo Electric (company building new condos on Washington Parkway gave us 2 much younger men to help out.

New recruits Gage Dias and Andrew Labozzo joined in.

State Representive Joe Gresko


Soundkeeper Bill Lucey and assistant Emma


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