Sunday, June 16, 2024

Department of Transportation Intersection Improvement Project


State Representative Joe Gresko, (D)
121st Connecticut House District


The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) has initiated a project to implement signing and pavement marking improvements at unsignalized municipally owned and maintained intersections in District 3 (Southwestern Connecticut). The systemic application of these low-cost proven safety countermeasures at higher crash-risk, stop-controlled intersections aim to lower the potential of future crashes.

“Existing signs will be replaced with new larger signs and additional signing will be installed in advance of the intersections to increase awareness of the unsignalized intersection,” said Connecticut Department of Transportation Project Manager Jonathan Corilla. “The combination of new signs and pavement markings will provide significantly increased awareness and visibility of the intersections, which will improve safety for all roadway users.”

The design plans for this project are expected to be completed in June 2025 with a tentative advertising date of September 2025.

It’s important to CTDOT to ensure the public’s feedback and thoughts are heard and included. At this time, it is anticipated that an informational meeting or formal public hearing will not be necessary. If anyone has any questions or comments on these projects, contact Jonathan J. Corilla, Project Manager, at (860) 594-2755 or  Please reference to State Project No. 0173-0528.

See list of locations on the next page:

No.TownTown RoadwayIntersecting Roadway
1BridgeportPark AveBenham Ave
2BridgeportSummit StreetLindley Street
3BridgeportMadison AveFrank Street
4BridgeportSeaview AveCrescent Ave
5BridgeportMain StreetSalem Street
6BridgeportDewey StreetMountain Grove Street
7BridgeportOgden StreetPembroke Street
8BridgeportMain StreetGlendale Ave
9BridgeportMadison AveGarfield Ave
10BridgeportPark AveOlive Street
11BridgeportBeechmont AveRenzy Ave
12BridgeportMain StreetFern Street/Ridgewood Pl
13BridgeportCapitol AveWood Ave
14BridgeportBarnum AveHallett Street
15BridgeportReservoir AveTrumbull Ave
16BridgeportColeman StreetOlive Street
17BridgeportCapitol AveHudson Street /Wells Street
18BridgeportChopsey Hill RdPlatt Street
19BridgeportMain StreetFairview Ave
20BridgeportMain StreetSavoy Street
21BridgeportStillman StreetBrooks Street
22BridgeportBarnum AveEast Ave
23BridgeportSeaview AveGrant Street
24BridgeportClinton AveMaplewood Ave
25BridgeportState Street ExtensionAsh Street
26BridgeportMain StreetWheeler Ave
27BridgeportColeman StreetVine Street
28BridgeportMadison AveCharles Street
29BridgeportPequonnock StreetGrand Street
30BridgeportMain StreetGarfield Ave
31BridgeportCentral AveWilliston Street
32BridgeportSuccess AveGranfield Ave
33BridgeportNoble AveJane Street
34BridgeportBenham AveNorman St
35BridgeportMain StreetNorland Ave
36BridgeportPark AveGregory Street
37BridgeportCapitol AveFrench Street
38BridgeportMain StreetLourmel Street
39BridgeportReservoir AveWoodrow Ave
40BridgeportBurnsford AveWayne St
41BridgeportCapitol AveParrott Ave
42BridgeportMain StreetGoldenrod Ave
43BridgeportNorth AvveFront Street
44BridgeportPequonnock StreetOlive Street
45BridgeportWood AveOlive Street
46BridgeportMain StreetFederal Street
47BridgeportOld Town RdSylvan Ave
48BridgeportMaple StKossuth Street
49BridgeportGrant StPrince St
50BridgeportReservoir AveAlba Ave/Ortega Ave
51BridgeportBeechwood AveClinton Ave
52BridgeportLexington AveLinen Ave
53BridgeportPark AveCleveland Ave
54BridgeportChopsey Hill RdChamberlain Ave
55BridgeportJane StKossuth Street
56BridgeportDewey StreetPoplar St
57BridgeportMain StreetRocton Ave
58BridgeportChopsey Hill RdIndian Ave
59BridgeportPark AveLewis St
60BridgeportBeechmont AvePlaft St
61BridgeportPequonnock StreetMaplewood Ave
62BridgeportNoble AveMaple St
63BridgeportMaplewood AveDenver Ave
64BridgeportMadison AveFederal Street
65BridgeportOak StGrand Street
66BridgeportRoosevelt StWilliam St
67BridgeportNoble AveCrown St
68Bridgeportkossuth StE. Washington Ave
69BridgeportWilliam StStillman St
70BridgeportBrooks StOgden St
71BridgeportPark AveAtlantic St
72BridgeportWest AveBrookside Ave/John St
73BridgeportNoble AveRoosevelt St
74BridgeportStillman StreetNoble Ave
75BridgeportWilliam StOgden St
76BridgeportClermont AveSummerfield Ave
77BridgeportJames StGrand Street
78BridgeportPark AveGarfield Ave
79BridgeportBarnum AveBrooks Street
80BridgeportMaplewood AveIranistan Ave
81BridgeportHoward AveMaplewood Ave
82BridgeportSeaview AveOgden St Extension
83BridgeportKnowlton StRiver St/Berkshire Ave
84BridgeportHollister AveOrange St
85BridgeportWestfield AveAlexander Ave
86BridgeportMaple StPembroke Street
87BridgeportGranfield AveN. Bishop Ave
88BridgeportBrooks StArctic St
89BridgeportMadison AveTruman St/Amsterdam Ave
90BridgeportBrooks StSpring St
91BridgeportWashington AveCenter Street
92BridgeportMain StreetMarion St
93BridgeportWayne StWestfield Ave
94BridgeportOrchard StPearl St
95BridgeportNoble AvePearl St
96BridgeportLaurel AveNorman St
97BridgeportWayne StSavoy Street
98BridgeportMain StreetBurnsford Ave/Hillhouse Ave
99BridgeportCentral AveFord Pl
100BridgeportWood AveIranistan Ave
101BridgeportBerkshire AvePark St
102BridgeportGlenwood AveHawthorne St
103BridgeportPark AveLinden Ave
104BridgeportMadison AveBeers St
105BridgeportWayne StThorme Street
106BridgeportWayne StBirmingham St
107BridgeportVincellette StWoodside Ave
108BridgeportGolden Hill StWater St
109BridgeportExeter StOakwood St
110BridgeportMain StreetFrench Street
111BridgeportOrange StUnion Ave
112BridgeportIsland Brook Ave ExtColonial Ave
113BridgeportMaplewood AveLenox Ave
114BridgeportLafayette StBishop JC White Blvd
115BridgeportPark AveProspect St
116BridgeportRiver StN. Washington Ave
117BridgeportBarnum AvePembroke Street
118BridgeportLindley StRandall Ave
119BridgeportHarral AveLexington Ave
120BridgeportCleveland AveLincoln Blvd
121Bridgeportkossuth StClarence St
122BridgeportE. Washington AveWilliam St
123BridgeportOld Town RdBrookside Ave
124BridgeportGeorge StMadison Ave
125BridgeportOgden St ExtensionSheridan St
126BridgeportMadison AveSalem Street
127BridgeportPark AveHarral Ave
128BridgeportAtlantic StIranistan Ave
129BridgeportOld Town RdCambridge Dr
130BridgeportMaplewood AveWood Ave
131BridgeportClermont AveRidgefield Ave
132BridgeportPark AveWorth St
133BridgeportCottage StIranistan Ave
134BridgeportSummit StreetEzra St
135BridgeportRidgefield AveGrant Street
136DarienMiddlesex RdHollow Tree Ridge Rd
137East HavenKimberly AveForbes Place
138East HavenMain StreetGerrish Ave
139EastonRoute 59 (Sport Hill Rd)Center Rd
140EastonRoute 136 (Westport Rd)Redding Rd
141FairfieldU.S RT 1 (Post Rd)Pequot Ave
142FairfieldOldfield RdReef Rd
143FairfieldCommerce DrCoolidge St
144FairfieldJohnson DrChambers St
145FairfieldChambers StExit 24 off-ramp
146FairfieldGreenfield StVilla Ave
147FairfieldOld Post RdBeach Rd
148FairfieldCongress StBurr St
149FairfieldHill Farm RdHillside Rd
150FairfieldHome StKings Hwy
151FairfieldBarlow RdUnquowa Rd
152FairfieldFairfield Woods RdBurroughs Rd
153FairfieldVilla AveMelville Ave
154FairfieldFairfield Woods RdStilllson Rd
155FairfieldUnquowa RdMill Plain Rd
156GreenwichFrontage RdByram Rd
157GreenwichArch StreetSound View Dr
158GreenwichDelavan AveChesnut St/New Lebanon Ave
159GreenwichMaple AveNorth St
160GreenwichLake AveN. Maple Ave
161GreenwichBruce Park AveMason St
162GreenwichValley DrGlenville Rd
163GreenwichLake AveRock Ridge Ave/Carleton St
164GreenwichValley RdRiver Rd Ext
165GreenwichHavemeyer LnCatoona Ln
166HamdenCircular AveCherry Hill Rd
167HamdenCircular AvePearl Ave/Beacon St
168HamdenBenham StVantage Rd
169HamdenWhitney AveEli Rd
170HamdenShepard Ave4 Rod Rd
171HamdenJones RdFairview Ave
172HamdenWarren St4th St
173HamdenMorse StWinchester Ave
174HamdenRidge RdHaverford St/High Meadow Rd
175MilfordHigh StreetW. Main Street
176MilfordOrange AveWoodruff Rd
177MilfordHigh StreetRoute 162 (Broad St)
178MilfordRiver StDaniel St
179MilfordWoodruff RdBurn Plains Rd
180MonroeCross Hill RdElm St
181New CanaanPark StRichmond Hill Rd
182New CanaanOld Norwalk RdMarvin Ridge Rd
183New HavenTemple StreetM.L.K. Jr. Blvd
184New HavenFerry StreetPeck Street
185New HavenGrand AveLloyd Street
186New HavenSherman AveGilbert Ave
187New HavenSpring StreetHurlburt Street
188New HavenGrand AveFillmore street
189New HavenDavenport AveVernon Street
190New HavenWhalley AveCamel Street
191New HavenDavenport AveBaldwin Street/Elliott Street
192New HavenShelton AveHazel Street
193New HavenDavenport AveKossuth Street
194New HavenDixwell AveBrewster Street
195New HavenFerry StreetChatham Street
196New HavenFairmont AveQuinnipiac Ave
197New HavenQuinnipiac AveHemingway S
198New HavenTrumbull StreetLincoln St
199New HavenFerry StreetExchange Stret
200New HavenFarren AveLancraft St
201New HavenBlatchley AvePine St
202New HavenEdgewood AveEllsworth Ave
203New HavenW. Water StS. Orange St
204New HavenWinthrop AveGoffe Terrace
205New HavenLombard StPoplar St
206New HavenDixwell AveFord St
207New HavenTownsend AveBurwell St
208New HavenWinthrop AveMaple St
209New HavenWillow StNicoll St
210New HavenBlatchley AveClay St
211New HavenFerry StreetSaltonstall Ave
212New HavenFerry StreetChambers St
213New HavenAshmun StLock St
214New HavenEastern StClifton St
215New HavenBlatchley AvePeck Street
216New HavenOrange StAudubon St
217New HavenChapel StAcademy St
218New HavenOrchard StGilbert Ave
219New HavenMiddletown AveFront Street
220New HavenSpring StreetButton St
221New HavenOrange StBishop St
222New HavenBlatchley AveWoolsey St
223New HavenWhitney AveCold Spring St
224New HavenS. Frontage RdCongress Ave
225New HavenWillow StNash St
226New HavenBlake StOsborn Ave
227New HavenAshmun StWebster St
228New HavenDixwell AveDorman St
229New HavenCold Spring StLivingston St
230New HavenWhalley AveHudson St
231New HavenWinthrop AveEdgewood Ave
232New HavenMaple StEllsworth Ave
233New HavenLombard StMain St
234New HavenDixwell AvePond St
235New HavenGrand AveAtwater St
236New HavenMorris StRosette St
237New HavenCongress AveWhite St
238New HavenChurch StCenter Street
239New HavenLloyd StExchange Street
240New HavenHazel StNewhall St
241New HavenLombard StFillmore st
242New HavenDixwell AveCharles Street
243New HavenWashington AveClover Pl/Spring St
244New HavenLamberton StHurlburt Street
245New HavenBurr StFort Hale Rd
246New HavenSherman AvePercival St
247New HavenWinchester AveHuntington St
248New HavenBarclay StFrank Street
249New HavenFrank StWest St
250New HavenKendall StFulton Terrace
251New HavenCongress AveCollege St
252New HavenEdgewood AveKensington St
253New HavenCentral AveYale Ave
254New HavenChapel StAlden Ave
255New HavenValley StMountain Rd
256New HavenBlake StStone St
257New HavenCrescent StEllsworth Ave
258New HavenValley StEmerson St
259New HavenDixwell AveFoote St
260New HavenChapel StAcademy St
261New HavenEdgewood AveDay St
262North HavenPool RdBlakeslee Ave
263North HavenHartford TurnpikeHomewood Ave
264North HavenS. Turnpike RdToelles Rd
265NorwalkCossitt RdScribner Ave
266NorwalkFairfield AveCedar St
267NorwalkBoulton StLowe St
268NorwalkNewtown AveCranbury Rd
269NorwalkFairfield AveCedar St
270NorwalkFlax Hill RdRampart Rd
271OrangeOld Tavern RdPeck Lane
272OrangeLambert RdOld Tavern Rd
273OrangePrindle Hill RdEdison Rd
274OrangeOld Grassy Hill RdRidge Rd
275SheltonCoram AveMyrtle Street
276SheltonCoram AveHill Street
277SheltonWalnut Tree Hill RdMohegan Rd
278SheltonHuntington StTrap Falls Rd Extension
279SheltonCommerce DrProgress Dr
280SheltonMoose Hill RdMohegan Rd
281SheltonTrap Falls Rd ExtensionResearch Dr
282SheltonConstitution Blvd SIvy Brook Rd/Waerview Dr
283SheltonHuntington StCommerce Rd
284SheltonHuntington StBuddington Rd
285StamfordBedford StreetOak Street
286StamfordHarvard AveCommerce Rd
287StamfordCove RdFrederick Street
288StamfordSoundview AveWardwell St
289StamfordWest AveFerris Ave/Piave St
290StamfordStrawberry Hill AveHolcomb Ave
291StamfordW. Broad StHubbard Ave
292StamfordStillwater AveLiberty St
293StamfordForest StProspect St
294StamfordPepper Ridge RdTurner Rd
295StamfordSummer StOak Street
296StamfordSummer St8th St
297StamfordStillwater AveConnecticut Ave
298StamfordHope StKnapp St/Greenway St
299StamfordW. Broad StWright St
300StamfordDiaz StPiave St
301StamfordGlenbrook RdScofield Ave
302StamfordWest broad StreetRachelle Ave
303StamfordWest broad StreetStephen St
304StamfordLockwood AveLillian St
305StamfordRichmond Hill AveMission St/Rose Park Ave
306StamfordLockwood AveWarren St
307StamfordLockwood AveFrank Street
308StamfordCove RdDale St
309StamfordNewfield AveBurdick St
310StamfordHamilton AveLawn Ave
311StratfordSpada BlvdHoneyspot Rd
312StratfordHuntington RdTavern Rock Rd
313StratfordWest broad StreetBeardsley Ave
314StratfordSouth AveSpada Blvd
315StratfordW. Broad StRockwell Ave
316StratfordSouth AveMt. Camel Blvd
317StratfordBroadbridge AveKing St
318StratfordHuntington RdFenelon Pl
319WallingfordN. Main StreetChristian Street
320WallingfordS. Main StreetWard Street
321WallingfordParker Farms RdHighland Ave
322WallingfordN. Main StreetNorth St
323WallingfordS. Turnpike RdMansion Rd
324WallingfordN. Elm StChristian Street
325WallingfordN. Main StreetCedar Lane
326WallingfordWashington StN Plains Hwy
327WallingfordQuinnipiac StValley St
328West Haven1st AveCenter Street
329West HavenWashington AveCenter Street
330West HavenWashington AveBrown St
331West HavenGreta StW. Spring St
332West Haven3rd AveElm st
333West HavenFenwick StRangely St
334West Haven1st AveMonahan Pl
335West HavenCaptain Thomas BlvdAltschuler Plaza
336West HavenW. Spring StStevens Ave
337WestportCross HighwayBayberry Lane
338WestportCross HighwayNorth Ave
339WiltonDrum Hill RdBelden Hill Rd


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