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District 6 Election Forecast


Letter to the Editor

By Dave Mullane


Phil Young already announced that he wants the D6 seat he held from 2015 to 2017. Phil first ran for the seat in 2013 losing to Incumbent Ken Poisson. However, with the WPCA backlash in 2015 Young captured the seat that year holding it for one term.

If Phil wins, he says he wants to be council chairman where he will a thorn in the side of Mayor Hoydick.

The GOPLOU crew not wanting a Poisson/Young rematch in 2017 got Prez Palmer to primary Young and knocked Young off the November 2017 ballot, giving the seat back to Poisson who beat Prez and held D6 for 3 more terms leading to his being termed out this year.

In the 11 elections since 2001 Poisson has run for the seat 6 times and won it 5. Republicans have held the seat for 8 terms while Democrats won it 3 times. This seat was the start of GOPLOU’s career here in Stratford.

Now D6 is wide open for 2023 and Phil wants back in. Could he face his old primary challenger, Prez?

Dave Fuller says he’s back in the game now, could he be gearing up for the seat he ran for back in 2011 and lost to Poisson?

Laura Flowers said she was going to run this year and Fuller quickly filed an SEEC complaint in an attempt to muddy her chances.

GOPLOU says Young will face an uphill battle and that Lou is in talks with someone to be the GOP candidate. All will be revealed after the RTC July nomination meeting.

Parade pictures may be pointing to former Democrat/current Republican Prez Palmer as the GOPLOU crew pick.

Will Prez get the RTC rose to run? Tune in this July.

District 6 election history

Year Republican Democrat

2001 Decilio 593 / Garollo 334

2003 Decilio 646 / Gary Wanamaker 503

2005 Miranda 694 / Confoni 534

2007 Booth 294 / Amy Wanamaker 415 (W)

2009 Ward 566 / Porter 640 (W)

2011 Poisson 351 / Dave Fuller 298 (L)

2013 Poisson 573 / Young 405

2015 Poisson 464 / Young 556 (W)

2017 Poisson 618 / Prez Palmer 551

2019 Poisson 501 / Watson 465

2021 Poisson 736 / Budai 643



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