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Ethics Commission Violation


By Dave Mullane

On February 16th I emailed Thomas Kulhawik, Charles Lindberg and Tim Bishop regarding Joe Bonetatibus being put on the Ethics Commission to replace me in January.  I was never sworn in as a member of the Ethics Commission, and my term expired in May 2021.

It appears Mayor Hoydick appointed another member this month a Michelle Trepasso.  Apparently these appointments were done in violation of the Ethics ordinance since neither Bonetatibus or Trepasso were not vetted by the commission. (2)

Regarding the resignations there was Patricia Gallagher in July right after she was upset about not being able to charge me with a false ethics violation.

In November Secretary of Ethics, Robert Chimini resigned, leaving the commission without a secretary.

You don’t need to elect a President but you do have specific business to attend too.

The Town Clerk does need to swear in current commission members, Bonetatibus and Trepasso in order to conduct business

Then you should elect a Chairman, Vice Chairman and a Recording Secretary. There also needs to be at least one meeting a year in October to set up for the coming year.  (1)  This was never done during my 4 years with the commission.

I suggest that the ordinance be revised so that it does not violate the US Constitution and there is not another farce like the Ethics commission had last summer with me. (3)

Good luck to all of you.

ß 5-29. Ethics Commission Establishment; Membership; Terms; Vacancies; Compensation; Legal counsel

  • The Commission shall elect annually (October meeting) a Chairperson, a Vice Chairperson, and a Recording Secretary from its own number.
  • The Ethics Commission will participate in the vetting process of Commission appointments by interviewing potential candidates to discuss the involvement and commitment of being a Commission member and making recommendations to the appointing person/body.

ß 5-37. Savings Clause

  • Should any provision of this Code of Ethics conflict with any provisions of federal law or the Connecticut General Statutes, the provisions of the federal law or the Connecticut General Statutes shall prevail.


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