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Explore Connecticut’s 169 Towns on Sunday


Sunday Talks At Stratford Library

Author Marty Podskoch Live & on Zoom May 15th

The Stratford Library concludes the current season of its popular “Sunday Afternoon Talks” series of informative and entertaining talks with “Connecticut 169 Club: Your Guide & Passport to Exploring Connecticut” with guest speaker Marty Podskoch on Sunday, May 15th at 2 p.m. The talk, presented live in the Library Lovell Room and on the Zoom format, is free and open to the public.

Every one of Connecticut’s 169 towns has a story shaped by its geography and its people–that first inhabited the state more than 10,000 years ago, the Dutch traders, English settlers, and Africans–enslaved and free–who settled towns as one of the original 13 colonies, and successive waves of immigrants who moved its story forward.

It’s a small state with amazing variety that makes the 169 Club a fun and rewarding adventure. You’ll experience historic town greens and new city centers, revitalized mills sprouting microbreweries and local farms offering local farm-to-table foods, and maritime villages and rural upland communities. Connecticut has it all! This guide, written by town historians and other local boosters, offers the backstory to your discovery of what makes Connecticut so special.

Historian Marty Podskoch is the author of the new book, The Connecticut 169 Club: Your Passport and Guide to Exploring Connecticut. After moving to Connecticut in 2005, he traveled throughout the state and marveled at the great diversity of villages, cities, rivers, lakes, mountains and seashores. He realized that most of the residents had not traveled as widely as he had and he wanted them to explore this beautiful state. He created a book to be a guide and a passport.

Podskoch got someone from each town to write a short description highlighting their town’s location, history and interesting places to visit. He did this because local residents knew more about their town than he. The book has a space for travelers to journal about their experiences and a place to get the book stamped or signed by a resident or business. Travelers will get to know the locals and perhaps learn about a good place to eat or an interesting local attraction. In this way they get to know a lot about Connecticut and its residents.

The program is held from 2-3:30 p.m. in the Lovell Room and on the Zoom platform. Autograph copies of Podskoch’s book will be available in the Lovell Room for purchase following his talk. To register online and receive a Zoom invitation for the May 15th program visit:
No reservations required for Lovell Room attendance.. For further info: 203-385-4162.

The “Sunday Afternoon Talks” series, hosted by Charles Lautier of Stratford, will return in October.


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