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Find Your Spiritual Pathway to Happiness!


Joseph Bologna and Donna Martire – Two Stratford residents team up for the second time in 50 years for a performance of a different kind!

by Donna Martire Miller

Joseph Bologna and Donna Martire-Miller, Stratford residents team up to write “The View from Within: Spiritual Pathways to Happiness”.

These two former Rock and Rollers have teamed up to publish a photographic journey into happiness and spirituality. Photos from around the world are combined with blessings for the reader, quotes, and insights from over 20 different spiritual practices. This book is the first in a coming Unshakeable Happiness Trilogy, a body of work published by e-Clements.com for Happily Ever Actions exploring the science of happiness. Happily, Ever Actions is an organization that teaches universal skills for health and happiness. They offer workshops, classes, retreats, public speaking, yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.

“In these uncertain times, the search for happiness and meaning in life is more critical than ever. There is both an art and a science to happiness, and many ways to achieve it. The View from Within invites readers on a journey to happiness by tapping into the tenets of spirituality from around the world. By acquainting ourselves with the mysteries of the sacred, combined with a deep understanding of who we are in the world in which we live, we can begin to live a purposeful life and to discover our own pathways to greater life satisfaction and happiness.” According to Martire Miller and Bologna.
The View from Within is filled with meta blessings that unify many of the wisdom traditions. The contemplative spirituality shared in The View from Within describes virtues such as compassion, love, mercy, and kindness. These are pathways built within the faith traditions that help us reach beyond ourselves towards unshakable happiness.
The View from Within is endorsed by thought leaders in the Happiness Field and sets the stage for growth, wisdom, and the pursuit of happiness.

“A spiritual life possesses both breadth and depth, like an ocean. And like the ocean that connects nations and continents, a spiritual life connects us to all beings, near and far. In The View from Within, Donna Martire Miller and Joseph Bologna gracefully and beautifully bring together different spiritual traditions. Their work connects, inspires, heals.” Dr Tal Ben-Shahar

Martire Miller holds multiple degrees and certifications and is an educator in the fields of Happiness and Positive Psychology. Bologna is an award-winning internationally traveled photographer. They met as young adults as performers in rock, rhythm, and blues. Life took them to separate corners of the earth but did not keep them apart forever. They reconnected decades later to begin a new journey together. They reside in Stratford, and have a love story for the ages.

In 1969, Joseph Bologna was graduating from Stratford High School, and Donna Martire was entering Stratford High as a freshman. They were known to each other as both were in the performing arts and lead vocalists in different Rock, Rhythm, and Blues bands. Joseph’s career took him on tour to the east coast, and Donna’s took her on tour to the west coast. They were able to keep in touch because of mutual friends in the music business, and that grew up in Stratford as they did.

Joseph eventually left the music business and became a photographer. He traveled around the world and captured over 90,000 images of beautiful and sacred places. His work is published, and he is currently a highly awarded photographer.

Donna left the music business as well and became the executive director of a family strengthening organization. There she became interested in positive psychology, became certified in it, and was a teacher’s assistant to Harvard Professor Dr Tal Ben-Shahar. She currently is a happiness professor herself at the University of Bridgeport.

The two reconnected a few years ago when Donna performed at the Blues on the Beach festival at Short Beach. After a few connections on social media, they decided to get together. In 2018 they decided to collaborate once again, not harmonizing on stage but bringing his images and her writing together in a Trilogy called Finding Unshakable Happiness. Book one, The View from Within, Spiritual Pathways to Happiness. Book two, Finding Unshakable Happiness, is set to be released on August 1, 2021.

They have also completed and published a social-emotional learning book for children called Let’s be Friends, Meet New Friends from Around the World. The story is based on positive psychology, recognizing the character strengths in children and making friends with culturally diverse youth worldwide. During isolation from Covid, many children became anxious and saddened. This is a book that helps to bring happiness to children and their families.

Both Martire-Miller and Bologna are parents of children who are grown now and have families of their own. Their children and grandchildren were their inspiration. They are very excited to present this book. Their journey has been a long one as friends, musicians, authors, and now as one of Stratford’s own love stories. (He just offered her a ring!)

These books can be found at Bookbaby Bookstore, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

Martire Miller and Bologna are available for media interviews, keynotes, workshops, and school visits.


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