Flag Day June 14th

I’m pleased to share I will once again be co-hosting a worn American flags collection for Flag Day alongside fellow State Representatives Dave Rutigliano (R-123) and Laura Devlin (R-134) and in cooperation with American Legion Post No. 141.

This flag collection has been an annual tradition for the past five years, and we’re happy to continue it again this year just in time for Flag Day on June 14th.

The drive-by flag collection will be outside Middlebrook Elementary School at 220 Middlebrooks Avenue in Trumbull on Saturday June 12th from 9:00am-11:00am.

Other Drop-off Locations:
Trumbull Town Hall, 5866 Main Street, Trumbull
Trumbull Police Department, 158 Edison Road, Trumbull
Drop-off locations will receive flags from May 10th – June 11th.
Following the collection period, worn American flags will receive proper ceremonial disposal according to the U.S. Flag Code.

For additional information please, contact my office at 1-(800)-842-1423.

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