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Floral Park Neighborhood


By Patti Sperling
Artwork from Floral Press Facebook Page

The Stratford Crier invites any and all neighborhood groups or associations to send us a short piece (approx. 200 words) about yourselves. We want to provide Stratford residents a glimpse of the varied communities within our town. (Articles may be edited for clarity and space.)

Floral Park

Written by Patti Sperling

Nestled just off Main Street, in between Stratford Avenue, South Avenue and Sherwood Place, is the little-known enclave of homes encompassing what was and hopefully will again be known as the Floral Park section of Stratford.

Rich with Stratford history, it’s a neighborhood of modestly-sized homes, some dating back to 1917, which include colonial-style, Mission-style bungalows (e.g., Sears & Roebuck bungalows), and a few Cape Code and Ranch styles mixed in – about as eclectic as the neighbors who live in them.

A neighborhood Facebook group, The Floral Park Press, was created for neighbors within those “walls” so they could become familiar with the neighborhood and each other. Since its creation, we’ve added 74 members with posts and notifications about all kinds of things – welcoming new neighbors, reports about suspicious activity or package theft (yes, we watch out for each other too), selling of fresh eggs, neighborhood yoga, Pilates classes, and more.

In the current societal climate, we can’t all agree on things all the time, but our little group and neighborhood seems to do its best to keep things in perspective. Our group is great for neighborhood networking too – if someone is looking for help, they ask. If they are looking for home repair services, they ask – and, trust me, we’ve got a few connections right within the “walls” of our neighborhood.


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