Grand Opening

Ruby and Calvin Fletcher African American History Museum

Saturday, October 30th
952 East Broadway

The Ruby and Calvin Fletcher African American History Museum will have their Grand Opening on Saturday, October 30th at 1 p.m. at the museum, located at 952 East Broadway.

The exhibit is a collection of artifacts which reflect decades of turbulent times for African Americans in the United States during the period of slavery and the Civil Rights movement. It brings visitors up close and personal which is an experience that many have only read about in history books or seen in movies.

The exhibit embraces the teachings of tolerance, diversity, unity and educating people that there was a time when imagery played a significant role in how African Americans were perceived. The artifacts and memorabilia may seem to be difficult to view but they are a part of African American history that needs to be told just as much as the triumphs which were made by African American pioneers and trailblazers.

The exhibit is an opportunity to begin honest conversations regarding a rich and strong history which has historically been maligned. The “Images of America” exhibit is an experience which will  leave lasting impressions and memories.

The museum is a life long dream Jeffery Fletcher, and honors his parents, Ruby and Calvin Fletcher, who migrated from the south during the “Jim Crow” and turbulent Civil Rights movement to Connecticut.

After graduating from high school and college, Jeffery Fletcher began what he refers to one of the many inspirational points in his life that brought him to collecting African American artifacts and memorabilia. Jeffrey spent fourteen years employed within the State of Connecticut Department of Mental Health and twenty one years as a Police Officer in the City of New Haven. Where the community he served was a multi-cultural community comprised of African American and Latino neighborhoods.

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