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Grandma Jan’s Handkerchief


By Joan Law
Feng Shui Joan’s Way

My recent survey of FSJW News subscribers provided me with valuable insight. I hope sharing what I have learned from some of you will be helpful to all of you.

Many survey respondents reported they are approaching retirement. So this type of life circumstance will be the topic of today’s news/blog.

Take Control of your Future by Taking Control of your Past
How can you take control of your future by taking control of your past? I have found in my work that this is a question most folks ask themselves when they face significant life experiences such as retirement, downsizing, or the passing of a parent or loved one.

All three of those life experiences have us reflecting on our past and thinking about what comes next.

Grandma Jan’s Handkerchief
Grandmother Jan’s handkerchief comes to mind and is relevant in a round-about way as I reflect on this topic. The story of the hanky helps me illustrate how my work in Feng Shui and as an End of Life Doula intersect.

Here is a photo of a lovely and clearly special handkerchief from France framed and preserved for all posterity. Unfortunately, we don’t know why Grandma Jan had this item. We discovered it when going through her estate when she passed. Was it a souvenir from a trip abroad? Did it belong to her mother or grandmother? Was it simply something she saw in a shop and just had to have?

A Scarf with a Story
I experience similar circumstances time and time again as I work with clients.

A current client is an amazing woman who has traveled the world and whose life has been and still is rich with adventure. She has hired me to help her downsize.

Downsizing is a traumatic and daunting task, and it really is hard to do alone. As my client’s children live overseas, my work is to be a sounding board and a friend. We are working together to honor a life well lived. Most importantly, we are doing this now so that she has control over the memories that should be kept and carried forward. And the stuff that doesn’t necessarily need to be seen by anyone else is dealt with accordingly.

Going through boxes, we came upon an elegant but simple white scarf. My first instinct was to place it in the donation box. But no…the story behind the scarf is one for the history books.

Perhaps Grandma Jan’s handkerchief had such a story behind it.

I will explore with my client a unique and special way to preserve and document this item and others so that posterity knows the story behind them. Writing a note and taping it to the back of a shadow boxed item is a simple solution.

What I do know is my client will move to her new space with her most important memories intact. And when her children come to visit, they will hear all about her past adventures as well as the new ones she will encounter in her new home. They will know why mom kept a simple white scarf and that it was a gift from the Dalai Lama.

Clearing clutter is always a good exercise prior to a big life transition. It brings clarity and allows ample room for new opportunities to come your way.

Quite honestly, so much of the work I do wearing my Feng Shui hat is actually very similar to what an End of Life Doula would do for a client.

Feng Shui and Doula work is not necessarily about controlling your life, but it is about managing it from beginning to end.

What we can control is the stuff we surround ourselves with. That stuff should never weigh you down and it should always bring you and your loved one’s joy.

Let’s set up a time to chat about how I might help you with your big life transitions.

And, don’t forget, I have a host of goodies to give away and I am so enjoying the connections or re-connections that I am making. The survey will remain live until the end of August.

You can still be a part of the fun, just click on the survey link and I will be in contact to answer your unique Feng Shui question via phone or email.

To link to the survey go to my website and click on Survey.

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