Thursday, May 30, 2024

Have You Got the Recycling Blues…..?


By Andrea Byrne

YES??? NO??? WHICH??? WHERE???

We know it can get very confusing as to what to put in your blue recycling bin, and what to definitely NOT put in. We hope this list will be a helpful reminder. You can copy, paste, print, and post it on your fridge. We can all do a little bit each day for this big, beautiful blue home of ours.

While we’re on the topic of what we can do, what tips do YOU have to share? I’ll start. I’ve been using the Earth Breeze brand laundry detergent sheets, and they work beautifully. They dissolve in the wash and eliminate the big plastic containers that NEVER dissolve….anywhere! EVER. Look for Earth Breeze and other brands of laundry sheets online, since sadly I don’t think they’re available in stores.

Please send us your tips for reducing waste of all kinds. Spread the word and you’ll be doing everyone a big favor! Send to:

Thanks to Walter Dunbar for research on does and don’ts.



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