Monday, July 15, 2024

How are we Celebrating our Pandemic Thanksgiving?


Stratford Crier Survey Results
Brought to you by our readers!

How is Stratford celebrating Thanksgiving?

According to the Stratford Crier survey respondents, all of us are staying home with immediate family. Several are going to Zoom with family members that are not local or out of state.

As for what we are thankful for – overwhelmingly we are thankful for our health, our family, and interestingly enough the Biden/Harris win. One respondent noted that they were thankful for “the endless supply of positivity around our town”.

How is this Thanksgiving going to be different around town? “Fewer people at the table”, “A smaller bird and no guests”, “More hope now for the future”, “I can be by myself, eat what I want, and not have to be in front of the TV with some dumb football game (or games)!”

Most of us are having the traditional turkey dinner; those with Italian heritage are going with the traditional turkey with lasagna and manicotti. The vegans and vegetarians are going with a “meatless turkey roast.” (who knew?)

One of our readers lost his father due to Covid-19, and to him and his family, and all of our readers who lost someone to Covid-19, we send you our most sincere condolences. Thank you all for filling out the survey, may many blessings come your way, wear a mask, stay socially distant, and stay safe.


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