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Hudson Shakespeare Production With a 1950s Vibe!



Stratford Library Courtyard
Friday, July 12 at 6 P.M.
Saturday, July 13th and Sunday, July 14th at 2 P.M. Matinees
Admission is free and open to the public. No reservations required.

The Hudson Shakespeare Company returns with the comedic romp, William Shakespeare’s “The Merry Wives of Windsor”, set to bopping 50s hits and given a sitcom-style makeover ala “I Love Lucy”.

“The Merry Wives of Windsor” finds sometime crook Falstaff (Billy Anderson) and his crew of greasers deciding to take a summer vacation from their usual bar hopping and petty larcenies, in the sleepy country town of Windsor. Running low on cash, Falstaff tells his crew to get lost and decides to court and con two local rich wives, Mistresses Ford (Noelle Fair) and Mistress Page (Carol Palumbo). The two women both receive the same “love letter” from Falstaff with only their name changed. The ladies compare notes and decide to play along to give Falstaff a taste of his own medicine. Falstaff’s jilted cronies decide to tell the women’s husbands of the plot. The laid back Master Page (David S. Donnelly) thinks it’s all a laugh, but the tightly wound Master Ford (CJ Nolan) does not. Ford, always thinking the wives are up to no good, dons a goofy disguise and alias called “Master Brook” to ensure he can catch Falstaff and his wife together.  Meanwhile, the Pages’ daughter, Anne (Allison Ziegler), is being sought after as a marriage match between two rich suitors: Doctor Caius (Sabrina Lingenfelter) and Slender (Isaiah Rodriguez), nephew to Roberta Shallow (Laima Rastenis), the local justice of the peace. Anne, however, only has eyes for the shy and sweet Fenton (Eilis Garcia), who can’t seem to stand up to her father. Trying to keep the peace are Welsh Parson Sir Hugh (Leslie Jones) and the Host of the Garter Inn (Cheyenne Perez). Trying to guide Fenton and Anne together is the scheming and flirtatious Mistress Quickly (Joan Barere). How will Mistress Page and Mistress Ford turn the tables on Falstaff while keeping the jealous Master Ford off their trail? Can Anne dodge the would-be suitors and get together with Fenton? Come and find out at the Stratford Library and enjoy this gag-a minute romp set to various 1950s hits.

The play will be presented in the courtyard in the rear of the library, with parking in the adjacent Baldwin Center. Patrons are invited to bring a lawn chair or blanket to spread.  In the event of inclement weather, the show will be presented in the library’s air-conditioned Lovell Room.  

 For further information call the Stratford Library at 203.385.4162 or visit:

Top Row:  Eilis Garcia, Allison Ziegler, Carol Palumbo, Noelle Fair, Bottom Row: Leslie Jones, Billy Anderson & Sabrina Lingenfelter

Left to right: Carol Palumbo, Billy Anderson & Noelle Fair

Left to right: Eilis Garcia, Allison Ziegler & Sabrina Lingenfelter


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