Friday, May 24, 2024

Juvenile Crime


by State Representative Ben McGorty, 122nd District

Dear Friends,

In response to rising incidences of juvenile crime in this state, my fellow lawmakers and I are calling for a comprehensive approach to much-needed reform within the juvenile justice system.

Our plan identifies crime prevention resources that will be made available to all of Connecticut’s communities and specific adjustments that can strengthen the abilities of judges and law enforcement to address this crisis.

We’re urging our colleagues in the majority party to convene a special session and vote on these proposals as soon as possible – and we’re asking for your help.

Click below to review this morning’s news conference and see the rest of this email to find out how you can take action.

These proposed reforms include:

  • Implementing victim impact panels in juvenile delinquency hearings;
  • Electronic monitoring for juveniles arrested while awaiting trial on previous offenses;
  • Expedited arraignment for felonies, a sex assault, offense involving use of a firearm;
  • Court-ordered Family Support Services intervention at juvenile court arraignments;
  • Expanding circumstances in which a matter is automatically transferred to regular criminal docket;
  • Creating a new offense of “larceny of a motor vehicle” not tied to the value of the vehicle.


State Rep. Ben McGorty, 122nd District




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