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“Meet-the-Author” on Zoom Platform January 12th at 6:30 p.m.


Joe Diorio will discuss “A Few Words About Words”

The Stratford Library will host Joe Diorio for a special “Meet-the-Author” program on Wednesday, January 12th at 6:30 pm.   Diorio will discuss his “A Few Words About Words”, on the Library’s Zoom platform.  The program is free and open to the public.

Penned by a writer who had to teach himself the rules of English grammar, “A Few Words About Words” offers an easy and accessible approach to understanding and using the English language. In a world dominated by countless print media and social media outlets, written communication is king. Writing “your” when you mean “you’re” and “there” when you mean “they’re” can make the difference between getting or not getting new business. A missing comma can result in a PR catastrophe, and a well-written line can be remembered for generations. And yet, many native speakers struggle with the English language.

Spawned from the widely-circulated and beloved newsletter of the same name, Joe Diorio’s “A Few Words About Words” blends quick-witted anecdotes from more than 30 years of newsletter entries that highlight the common, uncommon, and surprising grammar mistakes most English speakers make. The result is a digestible, all-encompassing look at English grammar. For anyone who has ever wondered whether “also” should follow or precede the verb; if there’s a difference between ‘preventive’ or ‘preventative’; or whether the Oxford comma is as important as everyone says it is, “A Few Words About Words” provides relief for many common grammar anxieties. Humorous, enlightening, and completely comprehensible, “A Few Words About Words” will be the go-to grammar guide you pick up and can’t put down.

To register for the free January 12 Zoom program and receive an invitational link:

For further information, call the Library at: 203.385.4162.


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