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Public Workshop on Shakespeare Redevelopment


Monday, April 1st at 6 p.m.
Baldwin Center

From Office of Mayor Hoydick

The Stratford Town Council has selected the architectural firm of Svigals+Partners to conduct a feasibility study on the Performing Arts Complex Property (the former property of the Shakespeare Theatre).  Svigals+Partners has been working through the Town of Stratford’s Redevelopment Agency (RDA).

On Monday, April 1st, Mayor Hoydick, the RDA, and Svigals+Partners will host a public workshop at the Baldwin Center beginning at 6 p.m.  All residents are invited to participate.

Information on Svigals+Partners may be found on their website:

If you cannot attend the public meeting on April 1st, you will have an opportunity to provide feedback online from April 1st through April 15th.  The proposals for the property will be on the Town website on the Economic & Community Development page.

Please send your comments to:


  1. The Shakespeare Theatre–I worked there in 1960 and 1961–failed because the town didn’t ask for it. New York gave it to us, and Joseph Verner Reed balanced the budget every year until his death. What evidence is there that that situation has essentially changed?

  2. It would be helpful for the proposals to be easily accessible online for those who could not attend. That being said, the money currently being allotted for a theatre space won’t even be enough to build restrooms. When and if this ever becomes a reality, a structure that fits in with the aesthetic of the neighborhood near the White House that is a dedicated creative and theatrical space ( meaning NO TOWN FUNCTIONS) that is run by theatre professionals and NOT RUN BY THE TOWN would be acceptable. The rest of the park , especially the wooded area and clearing on the right should be absolutely left alone to be a nature setting. Let the park area be a park.


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