Square One Theatre Tag Sale

 Theatre Offers “Cash & Carry” Sale on July 10th

Storage Site at 1470 Main Street
30 Years of Props, Furniture, Costumes and More!


The Square One Theatre Company will hold a special tag sale at its storage site located at 1470 Main Street in Stratford, on Sunday, July 10th from 12-6 p.m.  After a two-year delay, Square One will reopen and conclude its 30th anniversary season in November.  The tag sale will be a major fundraiser for the theatre helping to alleviate its many re-opening expenses.

The theatre has a 30-year collection of props and furnishings that it needs to move now at rock-bottom prices. The sale will include a variety of such items as furniture, smaller furnishings, stage floral and greenery, paintings, kitchen items, bookcases, knickknacks, luggage, costumes, dish sets, aluminum columns, rugs, clocks, throw pillows, bedding, storage chests, glassware and much more.  Large stage flats and platforms will not be sold.

All items are offered on a Cash/Check (some negotiable) and Carry basis.  All sales are final and purchased items must be removed the same day.

The Square One Tag Sale will run from 12-6 p.m. only at 1470 Main Street in Stratford on Sunday, July 10h.

For further information, call the Square One Theatre Company at 203-375-8778.

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