Saturday, July 20, 2024

State Representative Laura Dancho (R)


120th Connecticut House District
Committees: Environment; Finance, Revenue & Bonding; Transportation

Dear Friends and Neighbors,  

Stratford’s in the House: South End Community Center State Rep. Ben McGorty and I were excited to host the Student Leaders in training from Stratford’s South End Community Center last week! The program actively provides local students with important skills to explore career options and confidently navigate the job application process. We are so grateful for the South End Community Center and its critical role in serving our community’s youth and families. Thank you for joining us at the State Capitol and we hope to have you back again soon!  

One important new law, establishing the Fallen Officer’s FundPA 24-27, passed both chambers due to our commitment to see it advance. It provides an immediate – and untaxed – benefit payment to a surviving family member or beneficiary, while allowing survivors who were covered by the police officer’s health insurance to apply for, or keep, the coverage for up to five years.   Don’t Forget: My work in Hartford addresses a wide variety of topics that matter to YOU. As always, please never hesitate to reach out to me with your questions, ideas, and concerns so that I can continue making your voice heard!       Best State Representative Laura Dancho


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