Thursday, February 29, 2024

Stratford Is Stirring


by Rachel Rusnek

Spring is in the air, or could that be change?

Residents of Stratford have perked up, poked out their heads, and wandered over to Town Hall. This is evidenced by three new petitions that have sprung up opposing development issues over the last several weeks.

Residents have come out in full force to speak out against a tennis court proposal that would require razing eight healthy, mature trees at Longbrook park.  A petition launched in January to save these trees and shift the tennis court arrangement has gathered close to 700 signatures. The outcry resulted in a hearing held by the Conservation Commissioner and, ultimately, their recommendation that Town Council considers alternatives.

Similarly, residents have proactively spoken out against a high-density apartment proposal at the former center school site in the heart of the historic district. In just a week, over 400 signatures were gathered calling for the proposal to be rejected. At the recent Town Council Open Forum, opponents described the negative impact on existing residents and resistance to selling town-owned property for apartments.

Most recently, a group has launched in response to a proposed zoning change on the corner of Broadbridge Ave. A petition launched March 15th had already begun to garner signatures.

It’s not always easy to follow what’s going on in Town Hall, but thankfully,  residents persist. Accountability of elected representatives, the essence of democracy, is making a comeback in Stratford.

Keep fighting the good fight, neighbors!


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