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Town Council District 7


Tim Bristol

Small businessman Tim Bristol is the Democratic candidate for Town Council in District 7. You may have met Tim at his gourmet grilled cheese food truck, which has helped other businesses grow through partnerships.  He started the company at the height of the pandemic in September 2020, and he has built the business and became a top ten finalist for Best Food Truck in the state.

In December he will earn his Master’s degree in political science. This degree is the product of 6 years of learning and research in political science. His focus in this degree has been state and local politics. He has studied the political make up of cities like Bridgeport, New Haven, and Hartford.

He is currently writing his Masters thesis, which is new research on our States Clean Elections Program and how it compares to other states around New England and the country. His hope is that he can turn his thesis into a book that other states can use as a blueprint in creating their own clean elections programs.

His research in the last 6 years has included: tax policy, tax abatements, health care within the VA, campaign finance reform, voter ID laws, education policy, the legislative process, political theory, international relations, infrastructure policy, and elections. He does not intend for this to be the end. He hopes to earn my PhD in Public Policy or Political Science down the road. He wants to use his knowledge to benefit the town and the 7th district.

Tim ran for Town Council two years ago and came close to winning. He impressed people with his understanding of business issues. Since then, he has campaigned for other Democrats and served as Campaign Treasurer for two-state rep candidates, including Stratford’s Phil Young in 2020.

Tim is a progressive, one who believes in equity for all and for people to be treated with respect. He says a lot of progressive ideas are discussed at the state and national levels, but they often can be achieved best through local government and community action.

Tim says: “The difference I will make for average voters in my district is that they will actually have a voice. I will be their advocate on the council. My agenda will be their agenda. For too long the 7th distinct has been silenced by Republican representatives who were asleep at the wheel or simply act as yes-men to Mayor Hoydick. I will not be a rubber stamp for anyone. I will always act in the best interest of District 7.”



  1. What a highly qualified and tremendously motivated candidate! We need Timothy Bristol on the Stratford Town Council. 👍👍👍


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