Where Do I Vote? District Locations

District Locations and Addresses
Polling Places open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

District 1: Lordship Elementary School, 254 Crown Street

District 2:  Stratford High School, 245 King Street

District 3:  Johnson House School, 719 Birdseye Street

District 4:  Franklin School, 185 Barnum Avenue

District 5:  Nichols School 396 Nichols Avenue

District 6:  Wooster Middle School, 150 Lincoln Street

District 7:  Wilcoxson School, 600 Wilcoxson Avenue

District 8:  Chapel Street School, 380 Chapel Street

District 9:  Bunnell High School, 1 Bulldog Lane

District 10: Second Hill Lane School, 65 Second Hill Lane

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