Monday, May 27, 2024

Your Computer Health


By Gregg Allen

This column offers helpful information regarding Personal Computing maintenance geared toward the home user. The goal is to give readers some helpful tips on how to perform basic maintenance tasks to keep their home computers “healthy.” The author is a computer educator, and owner of The Working Computer, LLC.

The Lighter Side of Software Hygiene: Keeping Your Apps Happy on Windows and MacOS

In the wild world of technology, there’s a secret recipe for keeping your applications happy and your system running like a well-oiled machine. It’s called software hygiene, and while it might sound like a high-tech shower for your computer, it’s more about adopting a few good habits to prevent your apps from throwing a digital tantrum on both Windows and MacOS.

First up, let’s talk updates. Think of them as the cool new outfits your computer likes to wear. Regular updates not only make your system look sharp, but they also fix bugs, improve features, and keep security threats at bay. So, be a good fashionista and let your device strut its stuff with those latest updates.

Now, imagine your computer as a dinner party host. It gets a little overwhelmed if too many guests (applications) show up uninvited. Be a gracious host by regularly closing down apps you’re not using. It’s like giving your computer some breathing room, ensuring it doesn’t run too hot or respond too slowly when you’re brainstorming.

Just like cleaning out your closet, it’s time to Marie Kondo your software. Get rid of those apps that no longer spark joy in your digital life. Unnecessary and outdated programs clutter your system, making it feel like it’s carrying the weight of the binary world on its shoulders.

Speaking of weight, let’s talk about storage space. Your computer isn’t a magician; it can’t pull more space out of a hat. Regularly check for large files, and if they’re not bringing joy to your digital existence, bid them farewell. A little breathing room on the hard drive does wonders for your computer’s mood.

And last but not least, the startup process. Your computer is not a morning person, and neither are some of those startup programs. Disable the unnecessary ones, and watch your system wake up with a smile, ready to face the digital day.

In a nutshell, software hygiene is all about making your applications feel like VIPs at a tech party. Regular updates, clearing out the clutter, and giving your system some space to breathe will keep it running smoothly. So, let’s give our devices a standing ovation for a job well done in the tech catwalk of life!


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