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Connecticut Voted


Results of State Offices


Ned Lamont


Won a second term as Governor of Connecticut by defeating Bob Stefanowski, his Republican opponent 703,832 votes to 542,558.  Robert Hotaling an Independent, received 12,267 votes.

A little over a year after taking office any expectations for how his administration may have played out under normal conditions were tossed aside as the pandemic forced Lamont and other governors to shift their focus toward preventing hospitals from overflowing and a massive number of their constituents from dying. While Connecticut faced substantial challenges early on as a result of its proximity to New York City, the overall rate of deaths attributed to the virus is about the same as the U.S. average, and Lamont has been credited with overseeing one of the most effective vaccination rollouts in the country. The former Greenwich businessperson mostly self-funded his campaign, beginning with $6 million from his vast fortune. Lamont was cross-endorsed by the Working Families Party.

Running mate: Susan Bysiewicz won a second term as lieutenant governor alongside Lamont. Bysiewicz previously served as a state representative and secretary of the state.

In Stratford Lamont won with 18,046 votes.

U.S. Senate

Richard Blumenthal


Blumenthal won a third six-year term on Tuesday defeating Leora Levy of Greenwich, 717,977 to 534,459.  Blumenthal was declared the winner only 2 seconds after CT polls closed.

Senator Blumenthal, along with fellow Democrats, succeeded in pushing through the American Rescue Plan Act and a bipartisan gun-safety reform that was spearheaded by Connecticut’s other senator, Chris Murphy. A longtime Greenwich resident, was first elected attorney general in 1990, Blumenthal was instrumental in defending Connecticut’s first ban on military style rifles, and won billions of dollars in the historic 1998 national settlement with the tobacco industry. Blumenthal was cross-endorsed by the Working Families Party.

Stratford: Blumenthal was a +20 and 18,105

U.S. House of Representatives

3rd Congressional District


The district is in central Connecticut and encompasses New Haven and surrounding towns, including Stratford, Branford, Hamden, Milford, and Woodbridge.

Rosa L. DeLauro


DeLauro won reelection for a 17th term. In 16 consecutive reelection wins, she has captured no less than 58% of the vote. Rosa DeLauro received 134,365 votes, Lesley DeNardis, the Republican, received 98,329 votes; Amy Chai, Independent and Libertarian candidate, 4,003; Justin Paglino, Green Party, 1,879 votes.

DeLauro served as chair of the House Appropriations Committee for the 117th Congress — the second woman to hold the position. She supports abortion rights, stronger gun regulations, and health policy issues. Regarding health policy issues, she leans into women’s health matters and sponsoring and introducing related bills.

DeLauro won Stratford votes at +19, receiving 18,040 votes.

Statewide Races

Secretary of the State

Once considered an afterthought among statewide races, the Secretary of the State’s office has emerged with newfound relevance to many voters following unprecedented attempts to question the results of the 2020 election. No Republican has been elected to the office since the mid-1990s. The current office-holder, Mark Kohler, was appointed by Gov. Ned Lamont in June after Merrill stepped down early to care for her ailing husband.

Stephanie Thomas


Stephanie Thomas, serving her first term as a state representative from Norwalk, Westport and Wilton, got 681,601 votes versus Dominic Rapini, Republican, who got 530,730 votes and Cynthia Jennings, the Independent          candidate who got 26,499 votes.

Thomas sponsored legislation to expand absentee voting and implement automatic voter registration. On the campaign trail, she championed the state constitutional amendment to allow for early voting. (which passed).  Thomas lives in Norwalk and is the owner of a non-profit consulting business. Thomas was cross-endorsed by the Working Families Party.

Thomas won Stratford  +16 with 17,823  votes.

State Treasurer

Democrat Erick Russell, an attorney from New Haven who specializes in public financing, and state Rep. Harry Arora, a Greenwich Republican, are vying to be the state’s next Treasurer. The job, which entails managing Connecticut’s $45 billion in pension assets, is open following the surprise decision by Treasurer Shawn Wooden earlier this year to not seek re-election to a second term.

Erick Russell


Erick Russell, a former vice-chairman of the state’s Democratic Party, emerged victorious on Tuesday receiving 634,416      votes, defeating Harry Arora, the Republican, who received 550,209 votes; Jennifer Baldwin, Independent, 24,187 votes; JoAnna Laiscell, Libertarian        8,366 votes.

Russell focused his campaign on using the power of the treasurer’s office to advance social causes such as his proposal for a Connecticut Safe Harbor Fund. The fund would offer financial assistance to people who come to Connecticut for legally protected abortion care. He wants to partner with state treasurers across the country to create a national fund. He has called for “bringing greater stability, equity and fairness to Connecticut’s finances.” Russell was cross-endorsed by the Working Families Party.

In Stratford Russell won as +11 and received 17,800 votes.


The comptroller’s office was open after the departure of incumbent Kevin Lembo, who resigned at the end of last year due to health issues. Connecticut’s comptroller is responsible for providing accounting services, preparing financial reports and administering benefits to state employees, among other responsibilities.

Sean Scanlon


Scanlon received 679,757  votes to Mary Fay, the Republican’s 552,820 votes.  Scanlon, a four-term state legislator representing Guilford and Branford, was chair of the Connecticut Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee. Legislative accomplishments included a cap on insulin costs and a bipartisan state budget in 2021. Outside of the legislature, Scanlon also serves as executive director of Tweed-New Haven Airport. Scanlon is cross-endorsed by both the Independent and Working Families parties.

Stratford: Scanlon won +14 with 17,742 votes.

Attorney General

Connecticut’s chief civil legal officer, responsible for representing state agencies and protecting the rights of the state’s residents.

William Tong


Tong, the incumbent attorney general, was first elected in 2018, won 56.7% of the vote in Connecticut, receiving 695,018 votes defeating Jessica Kordas, Republican, 511,105 votes; A.P. Pascarella, Independent, 11,659 votes: Ken Krayeske, Green Party, 7,034 votes.

Tong spent his first term targeting the pharmaceutical industry and major social media corporations and frequently confronting then-President Donald Trump.  He has pledged to continue many of the fights he began over the past four years, including against companies he blames for contributing to the ongoing opioid epidemic. Before being elected attorney general, Tong spent 12 years in the state legislature, representing Darien and part of Stamford. Tong is cross-endorsed by the Working Families Party.

Stratford: Tong won by a +19 with 17,928 votes.

Ballot Measures

Early Voting

60 % of Connecticut voters voted YES to the Ballot Measure: “Should the state allow early voting?”



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