Thursday, May 30, 2024

Dr. Uyi Osunde Statement on BOE New Allegations


Regarding these new allegations, I am incredibly surprised and shocked. But I am even more disappointed that someone would suggest that I am not meeting my responsibilities. The data and outcomes would contradict this premise. My work, or the role of the public school superintendent, is 24/7.

To the public eye, it’s hard not to agree that this is about race. While the face of this seems to be the BOE Chair, there are actors in the background perhaps more instrumental in this charade. “Every system is perfectly designed to get the result that it does.”― W. Edwards Deming. People should be concerned with the systemic vision of this Chair, that is in no way aligned to what’s best for children. I am disappointed that I have been prohibited from contacting my executive team and school leaders, or them contacting me, even for the purposes of consulting on blindspots, systemic design and strategy. 

The priority philosophy of my last two budgets has been to keep our faculty and staff intact, to the extent possible, in ways that are still aligned to our improvement needs—we have been successful in this aim, resulting in forward movement. It has become increasingly challenging to watch from the sidelines as I see some glaring issues driven by this BOE Chair that would undoubtedly make this district regress in irreparable ways. Specifically, in the area of the proposed reductions, if approved by the Town Council.

I am humbled and appreciative of the visible support I have received from members of the Stratford community, the region [including the NAACP], as well as from colleagues across the state. I am looking forward to cooperating, as well as the outcome of this investigation. It will be interesting.

There is no further comment at this time. 



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