Thursday, April 25, 2024

ALPHA: Rocco


My name is Rocco and I am a Junior at ALPHA.

Before coming to ALPHA, I attended Bunnell High School and I struggled a lot there. I was dangerously close to failing all of my classes. That’s when I was recommended to ALPHA. I was a bit nervous to start at first, but this program has helped me so much.

My grades have improved and I feel better about going to school. I need to be in smaller classes that ALPHA has that Bunnell can’t offer. I feel very welcomed at ALPHA by staff and students and I actually like coming to school when I never did before.

ALPHA is an absolutely vital program for many students just like me. ALPHA is an absolutely necessary program that should be available and well funded at all times. If I have to go back to Bunnell, I think I will struggle there just like I did before, and might even fail.

Closing ALPHA would be a horrible mistake. Thank you,


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