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Town of Stratford Zoning Regulations Update


From: Town of Stratford Office of Planning and Zoning + Zoning Commission

Resident Input Wanted!

Welcome to the Town of Stratford Zoning Regulations Update StoryMap! On this site, you will find relevant project information, including the Town’s current zoning regulations, scheduled project-related meetings, project timelines and status updates, and progress drafts for the proposed zoning code.

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Why is this Project important? Zoning codes are living documents that require periodic updates to continue meeting the current and evolving needs of the community. The Town is seeking to ensure consistency with the Town’s recently revised/adopted policy documents and develop progressive zoning tools that will guide physical and economic development, while protecting environmentally-sensitive land, land development priorities, and open space.

What is this Project about? Developing a streamlined and easy-to-use zoning ordinance requires focused collaboration between the various users of the zoning code. To that end, the Town of Stratford Office of Planning and Zoning is collaborating with the Zoning Commission and Town Departments and Staff to simplify the Town’s zoning regulations, incorporate contemporary planning and zoning practices, and align the zoning code with recommendations in  Plan Stratford , the Town’s Complete Streets Policy, as well as Housing, Coastal Resilience, and Waterfront Plans.

Project Goals

Primary Project Goals are:

  1. Simplify the Zoning Regulations
  2. Align the Zoning Regulations with recommendations in the Town’s recently updated Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD), including:
    1. Modernize uses to today’s standards
    2. Review and update development standards in each district
    3. Integrate coastal/environmental, economic, and social resilience initiatives to be consistent with the Town’s Waterfront Vision Plan
    4. Foster housing diversity and affordability while preserving the Town’s small-town feel and unique neighborhoods
    5. Encourage multimodal transportation and connectivity
  3. Ensure consistency throughout the Zoning Regulations and with other Town Codes (subdivision, wetlands, and waterfront and State regulations [e.g., Connecticut building code])
  4. Support Transit Oriented Development (TOD), Stratford’s Complete Streets Policy, Coastal Resiliency, and Sustainable CT Policies.


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