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Stratford Votes: Who Won? How Many Voted?


November 7 Municipal Election Results

The votes have all been counted in Stratford, and here are the totals for each candidate. The vote totals are courtesy of the Town of Stratford Registrars Office.

Town Council

District 1

Rachel S Rusnak (D): 645
Thomas “Bryan” O’Connor (R): 808

District 2

Christopher H Green (D): 648
Gavin B Forrester III (R): 413

District 3

Alvin O’Neal (D): 431
Joseph “Joe” Bertone (R): 99

District 4

Rene M Gibson (D): 270
Edward J Scinto (R): 132

District 5

Anthony Afriyie (D): 353
Rafael Irizarry (R): 212

District 6

Phil Young (D): 474
Kerry L Whitham (R): 485

District 7

Kaitlyn Shake (D): 798
Jean-Marie Sutton (R): 576

District 8

Carl A Glad (R): 739

District 9

Mark Juliano (D): 533
Alan D Llewelyn (R): 701

District 10

Kathleen Callahan (D): 425
Paul T Aurelia (R): 621

Board of Education

Christopher J Cormier (D): 4,688
Jill D’Angelo Powers (D): 4,724
Celeste D Burnett (D): 4,483
Alec F Voccola (R): 4,533
Kim Murphy (R): 4,599
William “Bill” O’Brien Jr: 4,900

Planning Commission District I

Joseph Gerics (D): 1,336
Edward “Ed” Kingston (R): 1,123

Planning Commission District II

Maxwell “Max” Dulin (D): 674
Edward J Scinto (R): 238

Zoning Commission District I

Linda Manos (D): 1,297
Richard F Fredette (R): 1,174

Zoning Commission District II

JF Ewald Joseph (D): 671
Casimir “Caz” Mizera (R): 231

Zoning Board of Appeals District IV

Christopher E Silhavey (R): 1,539

Zoning Board of Appeals District V

Karen Tracy (D): 966
Michael P Carroll (R): 1,286

Zoning Board of Appeals District I to Fill Vacancy for Two Years

Paula Sweeley (D): 1,286
Shawn Kelemen (R): 1,161


William M Boyd (D): 4,848
Laura Markis Johnson (D): 5,009
Richard “Dick” Brown (R): 4,596
Frank A Bevacqua (R): 4,643
Carol G Cabral (R): 5,139
Edward J Scinto (R): 5,005
Judy Cleri (write in): 106



Total Eligible Voters: 34,271

Supplemental Voters: 4

Number Who Haven’t Voted: 24,577

Total Votes: 9,694 (28.29% turnout)

In Person Votes: 9,215

Absentee Votes: 479


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