Thursday, April 25, 2024

Board of Education Special Meeting


Many Programs at Risk of Being Cut

Wednesday, February 28th, 6:15 PM

The Board of Ed will hold a special meeting tonight at 6:15 pm at Stratford High School auditorium. They will be voting on the budget recommended by the Finance Committee. The public will not have the opportunity to speak. However it is important for the board to understand the concern of our citizens and turnout is one way of letting them know you care.  You can also write to the Board members, the Town Council (who will also consider this budget) and the Mayor.


Michael Henrick (R)

Kristen Bedell (R)

Sean Kennedy (R)

William (Bill) O’Brien (R)

Lisa Carroll-Fabian (D)

Christopher Cormier (D)

Jill D’Angelo-Powers (D)


Bryan O’Connor (1st)

Christopher Green (2nd)

Alvin O’Neal (3rd)

Rene Gibson (4th)

Anthony O. Afriyie (5th)

Kerry L. Whitham (6th)

Kaitlyn Shake (7th)

Carl A. Glad (8th)

Alan D. Llewelyn (9th)

Paul T. Aurelia (10th)

Council Clerk Margo Paquette


Laura Hoydick


  1. I believe it is the B.O.E. responsibility to present and pass a budget that represents the needs of the the students. The Mayor and then the Town Council utimately should make the economic decisions using the information about Town resources which includes the economic resources from the state. To make these major cuts before information is available from the state is irresponsible. Compare our B.O.E. budget to towns around us and those much like STFD and you will see what our B.O.E. budget should look like. It will be a tough year next year for Stratford families with children, but it didn’t have to look like this.


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