Black History Lesson: The Civil War

29th Connecticut Colored Infantry Regiment

Among the first Union Soldiers to enter a Fallen Richmond in 1865, the 29th have not always been Lauded or even Acknowledged


In 1863, President Lincoln authorized the formation of Black combat units to serve in the Civil War. However, Connecticut was slow to organize them, and Blacks were told, “This is not a fight for or about the Negro.” Consequently, Black volunteers from Hartford had to travel to Massachusetts (54th and 55th Infantry) and to Rhode Island (14th Rhode Island Heavy Artillery) to enlist.

Throughout the war, President Abraham Lincoln depended on individual Union states to recruit regiments and send them to the battlefield. Each regiment generally had 1,000 men divided into 10 companies.  Once African Americans were allowed to serve, Connecticut’s governor and legislature decided in November 1863 that the 29th would be a black regiment. Eventually, Connecticut’s Governor Buckingham ordered the formation of a Black infantry unit, and in response the 29th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry was quickly assembled.

The 29th Connecticut was recruited when the Union was in difficult times: the first two years of the Civil War had claimed the lives of tens of thousands of Americans, and the Union army was running very short on manpower.  A military draft soon became necessary and proved incredibly unpopular; yet, there were thousands of African American men who were eager to fight but not allowed to serve because of their race. In late 1862 the United States government finally allowed African Americans to enlist, but only in separate black regiments.

After the ranks of the 29th Connecticut Regiment had been filled, Governor Buckingham authorized the formation of another Black unit, the 30th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry Regiment. Recruitment for it began on 12 January 1864, but the urgent need for front line troops in Virginia meant that it had to be sent there before its ranks were entirely filled. The 30th Connecticut Colored Infantry Regiment was raised from 400 excess volunteers of 1,200 who had responded in the autumn and winter of 1863 to a call by Governor Buckingham for recruits to the 29th Connecticut Colored Infantry Regiment. The two regiments were raised side-by-side in the Fair Haven area of New Haven, where they were addressed by Frederick Douglass on 29 January 1864. Although the 29th would go on to serve in the war, the 30th was merged into the 31st Infantry Regiment on 18 May 1864.

Comprised of ten companies totaling approximately 1,000 men, the 29th Colored Volunteer Infantry (CVI) was presented with its first battle flag, a 33-star US banner, by a local minister, the Reverend Dr. Mott, on March 8, 1864, in the Fair Haven section of New Haven, Connecticut. The men made no show of emotion during the formal ceremony, recalled Isaac J. Hill in his book, A Sketch of the 29th Regiment of the Connecticut Colored Troops, “on account of the Regiment not receiving the $75 which was promised to them at their enlistment.” A little over a week later, on March 19, the New Haven Daily Palladium reported that a local black woman presented to the unit its second battle flag—its regimental colors. As the dark blue silk flag was handed over to the unit’s new commander, Colonel William B. Wooster of Derby, the father of one of the unit’s officers, the Reverend Dr. Leonard Bacon, gave a long and passionate speech in which he told the soldiers, “We give you this flag to march under which tells you that you are a Connecticut regiment, and it is our confident expectation that you as a regiment will do honor to the State of Connecticut, as well as to the stars and stripes. And in order to do this, you must bring back this flag when you return, without any dishonor.” Bacon concluded by reminding the 1,005 soldiers that as men of color, they would need to prove “worthy of the respect of fellow men,” in particular, whites. Immediately following the ceremony, as the regiment marched towards the wharf where the steamship Warrior was waiting to take them to the front, the soldiers could be heard shouting, “We’ll show you we can fight! We’ll show you that we are men!”

Through the remaining months of 1863, African American men from across the state poured into the training camp in the Fair Haven section of New Haven, and by January 1864 the 29th Regiment Connecticut Volunteers was full.  One of the recruits, Alexander Newton, was the son of a slave who “longed for an opportunity and the power to play the part of a Moses” for his people still in slavery. Newton recorded his time with the 29th Connecticut Volunteers in an autobiography, later published.

In March 1864, the men paraded through the streets of New Haven and, according to soldier J.J. Hill, “white and colored ladies and gentlemen grasped me by the hand, with tears streaming down their cheeks…expressing the hope that we might have a safe return.” With Colonel William B. Wooster of Derby as the unit’s leader, the men boarded a steamship bound for the South Carolina coast.

Sent to Virginia in the summer of 1864, the 29th Connecticut fought many small battles when Union and Confederate armies were locked in a siege between Richmond and Petersburg.  During one of those battles, Newton fearfully remembered “a twenty-pound cannon ball coming towards me…through the smoke. It looked like it had been sent especially for me.” In September 1864, the 29th Connecticut helped take Fort Harrison, located less than 10 miles from the Confederate capital in Richmond.  On October 13, the regiment participated in a scouting mission which led to the Battle of the Darbytown Road, and two weeks later the men pushed the Confederate army back at the Battle of Kell House, which resulted in over 150 casualties and many captured soldiers. In April 1865, the Confederate line finally broke, and Richmond was evacuated.  The 29th took part in the last attacks, which emptied the Confederate defensive trenches, and men of the regiment were among the first Union soldiers to march triumphantly through the streets of Richmond.  The war had ended, but the 29th reported for duty, this time in Texas. While there, the men reunited with Connecticut friends from the 31st United States Regiment.

Many white Americans were uncomfortable with the idea of making black regiments, and it was determined that white officers would lead the unit.  Stratford has at least two soldiers that were in the 29th ; Mathias Blake, a sergeant in the division, who was mustered on January 5th , 1864, and mustered out on October 24th , 1865. and Edwin

Freeman, a black man who was a musician. Musicians did whatever was needed—staffed ambulances, tended wounded, and even fought as the war raged on. More formal than the fife-and-drum corps, bands were assigned to Army units. Regulations stipulated up to 24 musicians a band; in practice this number varied greatly. Freeman was mustered in on January 2 nd , 1864 and was mustered out on October 24th , 1865.

By late 1865, the 29th Connecticut and the Connecticut men from the 31st United States Regiment were ordered back home and arrived in Hartford in November.  All were honorably discharged from service during a large celebration, during which Governor William Buckingham thanked the men for their service and noted that “…although Connecticut now denies you privileges which it grants to others…the voice of a majority of liberty-loving freemen will be heard demanding for you every right and every privilege.” Though this prognosis proved to be optimistic, Connecticut’s African American troops had indeed moved the cause for equality forward.

Ask the Registrar: A Look Inside Canvassing

Is Stratford Behind Other Municipalities in Keeping Its Voting Rolls Up to Date?

Your place to get questions answered about voting and local elections in Stratford CT

By Democratic Registrar James Simon

Q: Many Democrats in Stratford have complained that the voting rolls are not up to date. Is that true?

Imagine an ideal system for keeping voting records current. You would use the National Change of Address list from the U.S. Postal Service, capturing Stratford residents who have their mail sent to a different address, either across town or out of town. You would obtain the state Department of Motor Vehicles list of people changing their address. You would examine the Town Clerk’s death registry. You would reach out to people who haven’t voted in four years, asking them if they are still active, and then give them four more years before any action to take them off the rolls. And in all cases, you would send any affected voter a letter, confirming any change before modifying the voter list.

That’s the system, under state law, that most communities including Stratford use in the first quarter of every year. I have talked to registrars in other Connecticut communities, and their process is much the same. I see no evidence we are behind what other towns are doing. It’s time-consuming, but the goal is to have the lists as accurate as possible by Election Day later in the year.

Q: I recently went to the Department of Motor Vehicles for some paperwork, and then I got a letter from them, saying my registration was changed. What happened?

The federal Motor-Voter law calls for DMVs to help citizens sign up to vote, usually after moving to Connecticut and registering their car. But in my first three weeks as Registrar, five Stratford residents complained to me that their voting registration was changed without their permission. I asked a simple question: did you happen to go to the DMV recently?

DMV customers may make a minor change in their registration – such as changing their formal first name to a nickname –that would trigger a letter to their home, confirming the change. We urge you to be careful and not introduce unwelcome changes if you use the DMV system.

Q: Can you move from Stratford to another Connecticut town, yet continue to vote in Stratford?

Yes, if you legally consider Stratford to be your “bona fide” residence. The problem: state election law does not define bona fide! People are allowed to vote in their old community, even after moving to another town, if they say they still consider the old community to be their home and might move back. Example: people going into a nursing home, or snow birds going out of state for more than half the year. But if you leave Stratford and register to vote elsewhere, the Registrar in the new town will enter your new address into the uniform state database, and your registration in the original town will be terminated.

Q: You think your neighbor is too mentally incompetent to be allowed to vote. Can a Registrar of Voters take away their voting rights in Connecticut?

No, only a Judge of Probate can act in such a case, and any such actions are exceedingly rare.

Q. As Registrar, you help keep track of voters who leave Stratford. Is it true everyone is moving to Shelton because of lower taxes?

In an unscientific survey, I looked at a random sample of 100 voters who recently moved out of town and are having their voting address changed. Only three were from Shelton. A set of a different 100 people might yield different results, but there is no evidence of a flood of Stratford residents going to any one town or to any particular geographic region. People move for such a variety of reasons, including downsizing, job opportunities, and family considerations.

More Questions? Please send them to Registrar Jim Simon; This is not an official publication of the Town of Stratford.

Romantic Rewrite: Stratford’s Own Cinderella Story

The Rewrite: Glorianna Fulsom vs Abby Folsom

Stratford Historical Society

By David Wright

Since February is considered the most “romantic” month of the year, we thought enjoy reading some background on Stratford’s most romantic tale, the Glorianna Fulsom story. This uniquely Stratford story is truly a “Cinderella” tale. We’ve learned that there are about 345 variants of the Cinderella story which was first printed in Italy in 1634. There are some very strange versions of the story including one where Cinderella’s step sisters plot with Cinderella to murder, then eat their mother.

You may even enjoy reading up on some of the unusual variants of the Cinderella story at -cinderella. Stratford’s version of the Cinderella story is nowhere near as gruesome, or odd, as some of the 345 variants, but shares with the Cinderella story many different versions and retellings.

We recently discovered a 1902 newspaper article from The Thompsonville Press (Thompsonville, CT) relating the story of the Phelps Mansion. In that same article was another story about one “Abbie Folsome”. The story was a very unique and original re-telling of the Glorianna Fulsom story which was first documented in Stratford history in print by Rev. Samuel Orcutt in his s1886 “A History of the Old Town of Stratford Volume 1”.

In The Thompsonville Press article, not only was Glorianna Fulsom’s name rendered as Abbie Folsom. Not only was Glorianna’s name changed, but so were the names of other townspeople. The timing of the story was a few years earlier than the Orcutt story, and, the story was morphed into a tale more of heroic Revolutionary deeds by Stratford citizens than the romance tale we are accustomed to thinking of when we think of Glorianna Fulsom. A quick search of the internet for the names Abbie Folsom and Abby Folsom yielded a rich harvest of 1879-1880 newspaper articles which relating, almost verbatim, The Thompsonville Press article published in 1902. In Orcutt’s 1882 telling of Glorianna’s romance, he even related that there was a spurious Revolutionary War story pertaining to the Glorianna Folsom romance. Orcutt must have been aware of these 1880 newspaper articles. Orcutt derived his tale from two of Glorianna’s nieces who had heard the original tale from their mother, Glorianna’s older sister, many, many years earlier.

It caused us to wonder how the earlier stories had come to exchange Glorianna Fulsom’s name with Abbie Fulsom.

A bit more searching yielded a story printed in the Demorest’s Monthly  Illustrated Magazine from 1876. The story was an earlier re-telling of the Glorianna Fulsom romance as written by Lillie Devereux Blake. In Lillie’s story, Glorianna Fulsom was identified as Abby Folsom and the setting of the story was at the conclusion of the Revolutionary War which would have been some time after 1783.

You may recall from other 2020 Stratford events the proposed destruction of the Lillie Devereux Blake home on Main Street. Lillie Devereux Blake was one of the most prominent leaders of the Suffrage movement of the early 1900s. She was an accomplished author, and had begun her writing career at her mother’s home on Main Street in Stratford in 1860.

Additionally, Lillie was Samuel William Johnson’s grand-daughter. Samuel Johnson’s house is, and was, located on the corner of West Broad Street and Main Street. Prior to the construction of the Johnson home on this corner, the property belonged to John Folsom (Fulsom). John was a well-known and respected blacksmith. The Johnson home was built in in 1799. Lillie was born in 1833 and spent much of her young life at her grandfather’s home. During one of her visits to her grandfather’s home, Lillie’s grandfather related the story she told in 1876. In this story, Glorianna’s name is first mentioned in print as “Abby”. We’re quite certain all later retellings of the Glorianna Fulsom story based her name on Lillie’s 1876 story. However, Lillie’s story was silent on the Revolutionary War heroism mentioned in virtually all the 1880-1915 newspaper articles.

Lillie’s 1876 story filled in many details that were not included in Orcutt’s telling of the story. Details that made the Glorianna story make much more sense. So who got the story right: Orcutt or Lillie Blake? Both stories were based on second-hand information related by elderly people whose memories may not have been totally clear as to all the details. We suspect that some combination of Orcutt’s Glorianna Fulsom story, and Lillie Blake’s Abby Folsom story, is the “whole” story.

We’ve included on the home page of our newsletter website (www.stratfordhistoricalsociety .info), Orcutt’s and Devereux- Blake’s version of the Glorianna story as well as several of the other version published between 1865 and 1915. The Hartford Courant actually printed three different versions of this story, over the years, including one version which situated the romance in Stratford, Ontario, Canada.

The Bossier Banner August 31, 1876
BY Lillie Devereux Blake 

My grandfather, and my great-grand-father, and my great-great-grandfather, all lived in Stratford, Connecticut. The old homestead stood on the main street off the village, opposite the church, which the first one of the race, the Rev. Samuel Johnson, had helped to build. There were great elms shading the walk before the gate, and in the deep yard mulberry and horse-chestnut trees. Around the stone “stoop” flourished lilac and arcanthus bushes, and there were clumps of mighty box beside the walk.

Back of the house, on a side street, were the stables and farms, and on the other side stretched a deep garden, with a row of willow trees shading it at the lower end. One day, when I was a child, I was playing with some- companions near these willows, when we saw a queer-looking bit of iron protruding from the ground, and digging about it, presently unearthed a horse-shoe, with which we went, full of eager questioning, to my grandfather, Judge Johnson.

“How did it get there, grandpa?” we all queried in chorus. “There once stood, just where you found this, little ones, a blacksmith shop, and I dare say if you were to search that you would find many queer bits of iron in the ground.” “And where is the blacksmith now, grandpa?” I asked. “He is dead, my dear, but his only daughter was one or the great ladies of England; when you are older you shall hear the story.”

We ran away to our play, and for days afterward amused ourselves by digging for iron on the site of the former blacksmith’s shop. We were rewarded by-finding many odd broken bits, and long afterwards, when I was old enough to understand the story, I was told the romance of Lord Stirling’s courtship.

Rather than a century ago, after the close of the Revolutionary war, when prosperity had dawned on the yoting Republic, there came to this quiet village a handsome

In 1870, on the one hundredth anniversary of the Gloriana Folsom marriage to a Scottish Baron, many papers throughout America ran the following story.

Alexandria (VA) Gazette
September 5, 1870 A Romantic Story. From the Nation.

At the commencement of the present century a young man made his appearance in Stratford, and spent a few weeks at the tavern, which then existed to afford shelter to stage-coach travelers [sic]. Whence he came and what his business none could guess.

Directly opposite the tavern stood the small cottage and forge of a blacksmith named Folsom. He had a daughter, who was the beauty of the village, and it was her fortune to captivate the heart of the young stranger. He told, his love; he was from Scotland; that he was travelling incognito., but in confidence gave her his real name, claiming that he was heir to a large fortune. She returned his love, and they were married.

A few weeks thereafter the stranger told his wife that he must visit New Orleans. He did so, and the gossips of the town made the young wife unhappy by disagreeable hints and jeers. In a few months the husband returned, but before a week had elapsed he received a large budget of letters, and told his wife that he must at once return to England, and must go alone. He took his departure, and the gossips had another glorious opportunity to make a confiding woman wretched. To all but herself it was a clear case of desertion.

The wife became a mother, and for two years lived on in silence and hope. At the end of that time a letter was received by the Stratford beauty from her husband directing her to go at once to New York with her child, taking nothing with her but the clothes she wore, and embark in a ship for her home in England.

On her arrival in “New York she found a ship splendidly furnished with every convenience and luxury for her comfort, and two servants ready to obey every wish that she might express. The ship duly arrived in England, and the Stratford girl became the mistress of a superb mansion, and, as the wife of a baronet, was saluted by the aristocracy as Lady Samuel Stirling.

On the death of her husband, many years ago, the Stratford boy succeeded to the title and wealth of his father, and in the last edition of the Peerage and Baronetage he is spoken of as the issue of “Miss Folsom, of Stratford, North America.” When the late Professor Silliman visited England, some years since, he had the pleasure of meeting Lady Stirling at a dinner party, and was delighted to answer her many questions about her birthplace in Connecticut. When Glorianna Folsom was born on 24 December 1753, in Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut Colony, British Colonial America, her father, Samuel Folsom, was 37 and her mother, Anne Bingham, was 37. She married Sir John Baronet Sterling on 28 January 1774. They were the parents of at least 10 sons and 8 daughters. She died on 4 January 1826, at the age of 72.

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Njideka Mary Anekwe , Elise Matilda Anka , Alejandra Arias , Ayana Jenelle Atkinson , Jordon Michael Atkinson , Oreoluwa Oyenike Atoyebi , Dulce Maria Barrios , Alex Bilan , Christopher Peter Bode , Jacob Edward Brennan , Brooke Elise Buckmir , Edward Heli Heber Cabello , Alyssa Amirah Cabrera , Miranda Rose Carazo , Jose Antonio Carcamo-Ponce , Sean Michael Carrero , Tory Luke Charles , Elena Marlene Clark , Amos Nestor Colocho , Isabella Colon , Maura Catherine Conlan , Amelia Ray Courbron, Lilliana Dahdal , Jaylin Fransheska Diaz , David Joseph DiVincenzo , Jane Doe , Gwyneth Estrella , Madison Mackenzi Everlith , Nicholas Raymond Ferrari , Matthew Robert George , Tiana Elaine Golding , Kamren Harrell , Joel Nathanael Henry , Jeffrey Dwight Holton , Nicolas James Hoydilla, Tyler James Hutchinson , Jovan Randolph Scott Jones , Adriana R Justo , Camron Matthew Kelemen , Jake Matthew Kszywanos , Ngoc Le , Shiane Lynn McCallister , Gabrielle Elysse Melendez , Karen Dayana Mestizo , Adriana Mariah Miranda , Alexander Thornton Mocarski , Bryan Henry Mora , Ryan Ulysses Munoz , Tyriq K Muschett , Anastasia Briana Muthra , Nathaniel Christopher Nagel , Alex A Nguyen , Daniella Elizabeth Nunez , Cameron Elizabeth Ocasio , Sylvie Fay Olbrys , Olivia Rebecca Orris , David Andrade Pacheco , Madalena Joy Pech , Benjamin Alan Petrie , Destiny Marie Pierre , Ciara Carol Roberts , Gabrielle Alexa Ruffin , Jari Jasmine Salinas , Sana Sarpas , Mackenzie Lynn Snyder, Yasmin Bukola Sokunle , Franzier Benjamin Soto , Rees Le Stafford , Julie Marie Tejera , Kaylene Daniela Toniolo , Paul V Tran , Victoria Theresa Troilo , Sierra Rose Troutman , Makayla Marie Tzul , Cecil Velez , Megan Elizabeth Wendland

Grade 9 First Honors

Kimberly Maryluz Asuncion , Chloe G Atkins , Michelle Cristina Barba , Mackenzie Nicole Benevides , Peggy Amoafoa Boateng , Daniel Moore Brennan , Robert Brice , Allyana Amanda Brown , Mary Therese Carmody , Marcus Gerald Cavallo , Jaimee Elizabeth Cisero , Molly Ann Csonka , Sarah Aubrey D’Aloia , Cooper Nathaniel David , Francesca Juliet DeRosa , Nina Marie Dickervitz , Joshua Lawrence Dowman , Lauren Elizabeth Eyerman , Carter Anderson Fetchin , Kaleigh Elizabeth Foito , Madalyn Renee Gauvin , Sade Rihanna Gooden-Bracey , Brianna Nicole Guzman , Christopher Iacobucci , Antonio R Ingram , Gianna Bella Jeronczyk , Zion Ambiorix Jimenez , Angel Antonio Lainez , Chloe Colette Leimgruber , Gabrielle Haley Leon , Elijah Christian Lewis , Niyah Catherine Lewis , Angie Manigat , Josephine Haley Mastro , Amelie Rose McCool , Rosendra Wikelly Merveil , McKenzie Brooke Moore , Paul Stephen Mushala , Kai A Navara , Mia E Nierenberg , Emmanuel Nunez , Lauren Riley Ogrodowicz , Ty Thomas Edmond Owen , Dylan Joseph Padua , Derek John Paolucci , Isabella Danielle Pato , Jalynn Marie Perez , Jhoan Emilio Quezada , Madelyn Alyssa Randolph , Mikel Matias Reyes , Jaheishie Lateka Reynolds , Zachery A Rider , Gabriel Joseph Rodriguez , Grace Alicia Romatzick, Kylie M Rosen , Lindsey Marie Rywolt , Danielle Isabel Santiago , Travis J Simon , Aaliyah Kim Smith , Andrew Mark Spellman , Gavin Everton Phillip Spencer , Donald Xavier Stancil , Kent Robert Taylor , Yarisa Marie Tejada , Lailahny Torres , Samantha Rae Torreso , Emma Madison Torri , Ariana Samantha Villafane , Kelsey Rowan Welch , Chelsea Devina Williams , Samara Zakia Williams , Ella Margaret Youngquist , Lexi Marie Zajac , Roseangel Heaven Zayas

Grade 12 Second Honors
Kesheema Allen , Garret Tyrese Alston , Ellie Anne Ambrose , Ariella Christina Augustin , Amaya Leigh Benjamin , Danica J Brice , Chet James Chechoski , Yavier Cosme-Diaz , Thomas David Cox , Michael A D’Aloia , Aliza Rosely Del Cid , Zachary Alexander Demanche , Amayah Renee Dennis , George Edward Eyerman , Imad Fagrouch , Ava Alyce Fetcho , Michael Richard Galello , Camila Alejandra Gordillo Andrade , Kiila Grant-Pereira , Joshua Jelani Lecointe , Darolyn Janely Lux Osorio , Anna Elizabeth Mayglothling , Remy James McCool , Antonio Jack Medina , Andaya L Mewborn , Valerie Mary Morales, Steven Thien Nguyen , Max William Owen , Taylor Rose Petrie , Victoria Destiny Petrovitch , Ky’Meira Christion Reynolds , Sydney Marie Ritchie , John Anthony Rivadeneira , Jailen Amari Scott , Cam’Ron Lionel Shelley , Abigail Barbara Smith , Hayden Nicole Smith , Sophia Belle Smith , Skii Lynn Spina , Jurnee Ciara Thompson , Edie Elizabeth Threshie , Isabella Rosaria Traussi , Melanie Natasha Vargas , Kyle Louis Vega , Aleksan Paul Zabaneh

Grade 11 Second Honors

Christian Daniel Arias , Patrick Tajay Bennett , Barrett Matthew Caseria , Jayden P Castro , Malachi Korey Christy , Jamie Lynn Corpuz , Vincent Robert DeLorenzo , Jose Floran , Tamyia Tyanna Fuller , Rudy O Gramajo , Rachel Morgan Gripp , Lucas Gabriel Jenkins , Michael Philip Koda , Ryan N Mahoney, Nialah Gen’vieve McCalla , Briana Marie Medina , Benjamin Jackson Miller , Shafe Nasir , Killian E Navara , Kayla Briana Quirk , Jack Thomas Reilly , Ayanna Saavedra Rodriguez , Angel Alan Roman Rosas , Jeffrey L Romatzick , Owen T Ryder , Frank Saad , Christasia Elain Santiago , Omar Sheriff Sharadge , Alicia N Snape , Aidan Connor Sullivan , Benjamin E Summa , Julianna R Taccogna , Tamerah E Taylor , Cristyn Alexandra Torres , Liana Torres , Angelyna Hope Upchurch , Jadon Christopher Wells , Peter Daniel Young , Justin Anthony Zayas

Grade 10 Second Honors

Nalanie Rose Acosta , Olivia Catherine Agapito , Leticia Akua Gyanwaa Asante , Layla Ana Bell , Joseph Stephen Booska , Jada Hossana Brutus , Ethan Rodrigo Butz , Stella Maris Byrne , Hector Cerezo , Isabella Marie Cleveland , Nicholas Aiden Collazo , Gianna Marie DeLaura , Adrian Alexander Duque , Ysabella Floran , Brandon Jordan Frances , Marco A Garza , Kaitlin Ingrid Gilbertie , Jai Kevon Hairston , Gavin Andrew Hamilton , Emma Jean Head , Deiby Alexander Hernandez Ramos , Brianna Hernandez , Hilary Elizabeth Holmgren , Yajaira Alejandra Jimenez , Katie Anyelina Jones , Conor Christopher Lesczczynski , Alexandria Nyla Louis-Charles , Katrina Magdalena Mahoney , Peter Philip Mazzucco , Dylan Max McCain , Aidon James McCray , Nora Frances McNeil , Tania Nicole Morales , Alexander Mutis , Hector Calixto Ortiz , Tristen Ty Pena , Sophia Maia Perry , Simon Pertuz Guevara , Craig Alan Peterson , Dayan Lizeth Ramirez Plazas , Mya Rachel Raslavsky , Jaheame Reynolds , Adrian Rivera , Taylor Shaniece Robinson , Kaydean Nadine Saunders , Emilie Jane Silverman , Erika Victoria Sincuir , Ceylon Siriwardene , Rowena Maev Smith , Manuel Alejandro Vera Demera , Kayla Rita Vernet , Nelson Anthony Villafane , Gerryiki Jaymes Williams

Grade 9 Second Honors
Ahmad Diab Agha , Josephine Elizabeth Bedoya , Dimitry Donnell Brathwaite , Dylan Bryan Canhassi , Casey Marie Carretta , Katherine Elizabeth Coble , Lilly Christina Courbron , Olivia Leigh D’Amato , Daniel Ryan D’Haiti , Kathlee Vieira de Souza , Tyjuan Tyrell Edmonds , Madison Ellis , Alexander Anthony Escobar , Jaylen Christina Imani Evans , Jaden Arthur Fabre , Kathnie Fabre , Estella Joy Feenstra , Dash Michael Gassen , Stephanie R Herrera , Adeline Kate Horne , Olivia Flavia Caroline Hudson , Sarah Anne Jones , Alexandra Kushnir , Gabriel Fallon Lattanzi , Nathan Gil Lizotte , Myles A Maria , Anaiya Evelisse Mojica , Joan Paulino , Januel Perez , Trevor T Perley , James Cyrus Peters , Simyiah Jada Naomi Pettway , Thomas James Polchies , Natalia Raquel Rivera , Kevin Rodriguez Negron, Maliah Anna Servino , Joshua Isaias Soto

Know Your Town: First District

By Ariana Fine

Stratford Crier’s mission is to inform and update Stratford residents on various categories of interest, community events, pertinent information, and/or input into specific tasks or project. We would like to highlight the work, dedication and projects of our elected officials, beginning with the town council members

Councilmember Spotlight

Council Chairman/ First District Councilman Christopher J. Pia

It’s always a pleasure to have the opportunity to speak directly to the residents of Stratford. I have had the honor of serving as the town’s First District Councilman since 12/11/17 and as the Council Chairman since 12/9/19 and it has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. Allow me to explain.

Why do I do what I do? I get asked this often. The answer is quite simple: I care. I care about my home. I care about the street I live on, my neighbors and their families. I care about my neighborhood and the people in my district that I was elected to represent. Most importantly, I care about the town that I was raised in and that has given me every opportunity to succeed in life. Since a young age, I was raised to give back. Whether it was through faith, youth sports, Boy Scouts, Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, volunteering on committees and commissions in town, or other things. Giving back has been a foundation in how I have lived my life.

1. What do you see as the needs of your district at the present?
Serving as the elected representative of the First District has been a tremendous honor. In this role, I have been able to get involved with the everyday needs of my district and community as a whole. From helping constituents identify trees/limbs that could cause a potential hazard to working with Lordship School and Public Works to improve the safety of the surrounding sidewalks and walk paths, these are just a couple examples of the many ways I get to help the community around me.

2. What is your vision for your district’s future?

Each district in town sees different needs that arise from time to time. The most effective way of dealing with those needs is to always have a constant flow and open line of communication with the administration at all times. My colleagues and I have just that. When an issue arises that I identify myself or that are brought to my attention from a constituent, I immediately attempt to gather more information. Once I bring the item to the administration, I stay on top of it and follow up with all parties involved. I believe that by simply following up with people and doing what you say you are going to do is the most important aspect of public service. A brief phone call or email response goes a long way.

3. What is your vision for the town?
My vision for the future of my district is no different than the vision I have for the entire town of Stratford, making it a better place to live and work in every possible way. The single most effective way of accomplishing this is through collaboration and working together for the greater good. Every decision I make is for the greater good of the town as a whole. For example,. When I can put on the agenda and vote on energy savings projects and the refinancing of old high interest bonds brought to the council by the administration, these are both immediate and long-term savings to the town as a whole, which get filtered down directly to every single individual taxpayer in the town. Working with our Police Department, Fire Department, EMS and Public Works on an annual basis to not only ensure they have what they need to do their jobs as effectively as possible, but making sure they know how much the community cares about what they do to keep us safe and moving on a daily basis.

4. What is your vision of collaboration between the town administration and residents to help make Stratford a stronger community? How do you see town residents’ roles and participation?
Communication and collaboration. This is truly what has helped move our town along in a positive and effective way over the past few years. Mayor Hoydick and her administration are not only consummate professionals, they are effective communicators to the public and to the town council. I tell people all the time, the most important thing is to communicate your thoughts and ideas to your elected representatives. It is then their job to bring it forth for further consideration and discussion. When you elect people who truly approach their position with a volunteering and giving back mindset, you will see how your community as a whole move forward in the most collective way possible.

Reach out to Council Chairman and First District Councilman Christopher J. Pia at or 203-385-4035.

Is this Malaise we are Feeling Cabin or Covid Fever?

By Joan Law
Feng Shui Joan’s Way

I’ve utilized the image and words of my client and friend, Susan, to illustrate how I think we are all feeling at the moment. Her thoughts and those of another recent client have reminded me to remind you of my “Hotline” service or club.

So malaise is defined as a feeling of weakness or discomfort that could very well be the result of an illness coming on. But, with the current state of our affairs continuing to revolve around COVID 19, we are all feeling a bit under the weather.

When you join my FSJW Hotline, I am just a phone call away to help you with those quick questions about the “how to” of incorporating Feng Shui in your space.

My recent client Bev shares, “Working with Joan is fun! I subscribe to ‘Ask Joan’ and the first consultation gave me so many things to think about! I loved how she explained everything and answered all my questions (I am a detail girl!). She gave me suggestions that I tried and it helped repurpose space in my house to be better utilized. It feels so good to be moving towards more efficient spaces while clearing out some things I realized that did not matter to us. I can call (and have!) anytime as I move forward and she offers her expertise. Do yourself a favor, you deserve it, call Joan and allow her to help your vision become clear!”

Don’t forget, the services I provide can be life changing. Call or connect via email any time. I am most happy to assist you with challenges you are facing via the FSJW Hotline or via a full Consultation.

Be happy. Be well!

Kudos to Students Who Made the List

Bunnell High School 2Q Honor Roll

Grade 12 First Honors
Hirsi Abdi, Alixandria Agathos, Danielle Ahern, Julianna Alcantara, William Alcoser, Mariah Allen, Olivia Andrade, Sana Asghar, Frank Ballaro, Louraina Barr, Brett Batka, Samantha Batres, Zephania Bernadel, Samuel Boyd, Mi Cai, Brianna Carroll, Angelina Cevallos, Daniel Chalghin, Briana Checo, Lauren Ciuci, Jade Claxton, Kevin Collazo, George Conserve, Alicia Cook, Haily Cunliffe, Julia Dabrowski, James DePina, Madison Derubis, Collin Durand, Ashley Edwards-Gillis, Gabriella Elcsics, Armand Fabrizi, Vincenzo Fabrizi, Jennifer Fajardo, Kayleigh Ferik, Kate Flores, Elizabeth Frankel, Jenna Garcia, Cristina Garcia- Sanchez, Sebastian Gonzalez, Aditya Gowd, Vanessa Greenberger, Jonathan Gulish, Karima Hamada, Jamie Hopkins, William Huntting, Huy Huong, Jessiemae Iquina, Layla Khattak, Sarah Khouja, Monika Kmiecik, Nicholas Kochiss, Ethan Kudysch, Emma Kusick, Cyrenus Lambert, Daniel Lapinski, Sean Leclerc, Charles Lembo, Hannah Lewis, Guido Llanos, Brian Lupo, Ganine Marottolo, Carolina Martinez, Madison Matias, McKayla Matias, Connor May, Morgan McCreary, Evelyn McDonald, Theodore Miles, Melissa Misalier, Paige Mitchell, Kayla Morel, Brenna Morin, Michael Mucherino, Colleen Mullane, Jamil Negedu, Aliya Nichols, Dylan Nogueira, Kyle Nogueira, Nancy Okolie, Kristina Palucci, Brianna Parzyck, Alyssa Pharuns, Bianca Plachi, Kristen Plastini, Alexis Raguskus, Mckenzie Rassavage, Shahyra Read,
Morgan Reilly, Alexis Reyes, Kylie Rich, Alexandra Richo, Brandon Rivera, Isabella Rivera, Amaya Robles, Daniella Russell, Vincent Santorelli, Jason Santos, Samantha Schulte, Reece Seperack, Qa’on Shahid, Jonavon Shirley, Stephanie Sierer, Jared Simpson, Malika Smith, Emma Solomon, Ryan Stansberry, Britney Szarmach, Elijah Thomas, Savion Thompson, Annina Torcaso, Cailyn Valentine, Dylan Vancho, Melanie Vazquez, Bruno Viera, Amanda Wallace, Malik Wiley, Andreana Williams, Erica Yirenkyi, Madison Zurlo

Grade 11 First Honors
Malachi Acevedo, Abigail Alexandre, Jose Almonte, Danilzon Andres-Pedro, Luidghi Apollon, Alexis Aquilino, Cassie Auten, Emanuel Barbosa, Amiya Bennett, Amyra Bernadel, Shanice Bernard, Janiya Brookins-DePina, Grace Browne, Shane Burton, Anjel Caban, Guzman Cabral, Natalie Caraballo, Drew Cardarelli, Bella Carlozzi, Nora Carroll, Jeremy Conder, Giavanna Costanzo, Yovanna Cruz, Emily Csuka, Stephanie Cunningham, Joanna Czaja, Amaya Davis, Adriana DeBernardo, Alexxis DelMoral, Nicholas DeManche, Ka’Niah Dillard, Mia DiPronio, Hailey Dunn, Valeria Erazo, Natalie Farrell, Dylan Feliciano, Meghan Fenton, Mercedes Figueroa, Daniel Fuentes-Villalobos, James Galpin, Gianna Gerardi, Jacob Gomez, Fiona Greaves, Tiana Gregg, Aidan Grise, Sarah Guerrier, Farah Hamada, Caitlyn Haray, Jonathan Hylton, Ashley Ivanko, Jake Kalson, Grace Kascak, Cortney King, De King, Joseph Kling, Zinnia Kling, Michael LaMonica, Angelica Laszczak, Jessica Laszczak, Kyra Ligas, Nolan Liscinsky, Rebecca Lothson, Jordyn Mariano, Monserrat Martinez-Garcia, Jahnae McKoy, Luke McLaughlin, Ryan McLaughlin, Brendan McNamee, Natalie Miguel, Matthew Mirowski, Justin Modesto, Angelo Montes, DaishaMorehouse, Rayhan Negedu, Abigail Nelson, Taylor Niemiec, Ymoni Ortiz, Kourtney Palucci, Michael Perry, Alison Pulgarin, Izabella Quintanilla, Frank Ramos, Nazareth Redzep, Michael Rilley, Ashley Rivera, Extasy Rivera, Karina Rivera, Julian Rivera-Guaita, Yanneli Rodas, Sebastian Rodriguez, Joshua Santos, Mario Solano, Sophia Solemene, Adam Sowinski, Tyler Stanziale, Flynn Tolido, Spenser Tote, Mariana Trovarelli, Anthony Valerian, Robert Warren, Paris Watson, Daniel Weyhrauch, Alyssa Williams, Avery Williams

Grade 10 First Honors
Alexia Aboagye, Antonio Aitken, Jaden Alicea, Savana Alisa, Alexander Alvarez, Mark Anishchyk, Kamia Baker, Natalie Baldowski, Adrianna Barbee, Ardita Begolli, Molisha Belony, Klaudia Bielski, Nikolas Cabral, Grace Caldwell, Sofia Calzone, Angelique Cevallos, Andrea Chagoyan, Samuel Cineus, Jocelyn Ciotti, Samantha Coimin, Brianna Cole, Riley Cook-Jimenez, Kenneth Crowe, Samuel Dina, Carmen Duran, Besiana Egriu, Mya Ekwuabu, Tara Etienne, Lauren Fenton, Jeremiah Flores, Hannah Frankel, Grace Garrigan, Jonathan Gerardi, Jaida Gonzalez, Nikolas Guzzi, Michael Harrison, Lauryn Hill, Samantha Hurley, Paige Jockers, Saniya Johnson, Adriana Laville, Courtney Lecardo, Elizabeth Llewelyn, Giavoni Major, Beltran Maldonado, Julian Marottolo, Arianna Martinez, Darian Maxwell, Borjas Melendez, Haley Mennona, Eli Miles, David Minar, Ella Montagna, Christopher Monte, Eamon Moran, Sofia Naranjo, Nathalia Nerio, Jayden Nguyen, Eisly Nivar, Arianna Oliva, Jahkai Pavelus, Hope Perez, Jarissa Pierre, Sydney Polica, Dominic Puzzo, Angelina Reyes, Mackenzie Rich, Marelis Rivera, Taniyah Robinson, Isabella Rodia, Kaiah Roskowski, Jesse Ruddy, Weronika Rudka, Darren Ruskin, Mya Saez, Erick Sandoval, Damaris Santos, Maurice Scioletti, Andrea Serreti, Mary Siman, Brynne Smith, Maya Soto, Emma Spencer, Joseph Tannuzzo, Nathaniel Tantral-Johnson, Rohan Terrell, Jourdan Thompson, Ella Tibbals, Elyssa Torres, Dannah Urban, Deirdrah Urban, Christopher Valerio, Elizabeth Vazquez, Jenelys Veras, Sarah Vilarinho, Doujuan Watson, Soleil Wickham, Madison Zbell, Victoria Zottoli

Grade 9 First Honors
Baeram Alfreh, James Alstrup, Abigail Antoine, Velazquez Arango, Sofia Avedikian, Elizabeth Banks, Cassidy Battaglino, Melina Bednarczyk, Ellie Belinkie, Lindsay Berger, Alexander Binion, Luca Buffone, Ayden Burke, Christopher Campbell, Megan Camperlengo, Camilla Castillo, Andrea Ceja, Marc Clorissaint, Nicolle Cunliffe, Andrew Cushing, Gabriela Czaja, Gabriella Dasilva, Morgan Davis, Lima de, Tommy DeBernardo, Niko DeMezzo, Yamilex Diaz, Thomas Dimatteo, Kendall Dolan, Justine Eblamo, Genevieve Edmond, Jillian Feliciano, Daniel Fernandez, Caiden Flaig, Cameryn Forte, Ryan Franco, Isaac Garcia, Francis Gill, Yazmin Goodwin, Christopher Graham, Daphne Grijalva, Madeline Grise, Joseph Hall, Elizabeth Hart, Raeshawn Hasty-Pettway, Annalise Heiden, Alexandre Hilaire, Batuli Iboki, Bolelembe Iboki, Erin Ickowitz, Emery Janicki, Baka Kalemba, Christopher Kusick, Seth Lang, Benjamin Laros, Anastaja LeGrant, Kaitlyn Letsch, Malcolm Lewis, Raquel Linares, Katherine Liquori, Richard Loch, Ashlin Lopez, Stephanie Lupo, Candace Mack, Michael Marino, Jaydelle Maxino, Mason McCreary, Diaz Medina, Grace Molina, Janiya Moss, Julia Murphy, Ella Myers, Helena Naimoli, Benjamin Nawrocki, Sydney Niemiec, Malaya O’Connor, Gustavo Oliva, Olivia Ortiz, Jefferson Pagan, Nicholas Pelletier, Josue Perez, Gianna Petrovitch, Marvens Pierre, Mikita Polaz, Travis Pushefski, Keeara Rene, Aidan Reynolds, Aubrie Rich, Selena Rivera, Xela Rivera, Martinez Rodas, Casey Rossomando, Luke Ryan, Nathan Ryzak, Chloe Samson, Alyssa Sanchez, David Sanchez, Jessica Santos, Cole Seperack, Jehyzell Seperack, Gracie Soler, Jordan Sowell, Juliet Stanton, Karolina Suarez, Keili Sullivan, Ferguson Thomas, Ferguson Thomas, Avery Toth, Keanne Valdez, Giovani Valentin, Chelliz Vazquez, Alexander Vitiello, Iyana West

Grade 12 Second Honors
Lailah Abrahams, Jeremiah Abreu, Yilmaz Aktim, Paul Alesevich, Keeyon Asante, Ashlie Bailey, Laurie Bernard, Shane Bernard, Joshua Bernardo, Gabrielle Botindari, Brian Cruz, Kolly DaSilva, Victoria Delgado, Vera DiZenzo, Henry Dorvil, Karla Escobar, Liliana Flores, Christian Garry, Dominick Gerardi, Toni Greene, Ethan Harris, Sara Jepsen, Cameron Junes, Kapita Kalemba, Israel Lebron, Nyah London, Gianna Marolo, Noah Maximin, Colin McKay, Bailey Mitchell-Warren, Brendan Murphy, Gianna Myers, John Nawrocki, Alexis Noel, Mia Noisette, Gabriel Parrella, Manuel Planas, Daisey Rosado, Jamaree Rucker, Ceezar Samson, Jalynette Sanchez, Brandon Soltau, Esther Taylor, Julia Testa, Cristian Toschev, Victoria Tunney, Malik Wells, Dameyonie Whitaker

Grade 11 Second Honors
Justin Batres, Charles Bazso, Ivy Beninco, Alex Boursiquot, Romeer Campbell, Jaileen Carcamo, Elaine Demattos, Savannah DiNuzzo, Abby Duff, Devon Dupray, Jacob Dzienis, Nicolas Escobar, Colon Fernandez, Daniel Grijalva, Monica Guerrero, Alec Hoffman, Yasmine Kamel, Ryan Kingston, Daniel Lombard, Denaye Maxwell, Ethan McNamara, Rane Morrissey, Kate Moss, Vanessa Otero, Wilmer Padilla, Sa’Niyah Pettway, Kaylah Phommachanh, Genessa Printemps, Briana Quintana, Alyssa Ranocchia, Derek Reyes, Ryan Romero, Leilani Sealey, Tanner Shea, Justin Siegel, Michael Singh, Zachary Souza, Michael Valentin, Nathan Verkovod, Leann Vezina, Amanda Weinbaum, Quinn Weir

Grade 10 Second Honors
Hamza Abdi, Anjriana Baptiste, Colleen Bennett, Cameron Berger, Christian Buchanan, David Cruz, Timothy Cunningham, Sofia DaSilva, Daniel Greco, Jason Hall, Liliana Hernandez, Julissa James, Angelina Jarvis, Arianna Johnson, Martin Koorse, Kacper Kulak, Braden Kurtz, Ryanne Mariano, Samuel McDonald, Jonathan Millien-Faustin, Carl Mullings, Kelvin Mutambo, Kasson Nichols, Caileigh O’Keefe, Hubert Parzych, Ardit Qendro, Brianna Rendon, Faith Sanfratello, Anshvir Singh, Faith Stirna, Michael Trovarelli, Elijah Vassel, Nicholas Vinza, Isabella Zukowski, Briana Zurlo

Grade 9 Second Honors
Ryan Abate, Anthony Acevedo, Janaela Barr, Nicole Barrantes, Selene Berrios, Anthony Bongiovani, Tyler Bryan, Angel Centeno, Daniella Clarke, Hernandez Cordero, Alyssa Cortez, Kristina Dejean, Michael Devitto, Rachal-Lee Dressler, Tahlia Ellis, A’Shiya Erskine, Jazzmely Fajardo, Nicholas Fama, Elijah Felix, Nina Ferik, Nyla Francis, Emerald Frank, Natalia Gerardi, Brian Giraldo, Alexander Kurowski, Cadence Labrecque, Xavier Leon, Parris Lewis, Elizabeth Lluberes, Analise Maldonado, Hezron Maynard, Christian Montenegro, Litzy Montes, Kristina Ngo, Billy Nguyen, Portillo Orellana, Juliana Pulgarin, Matthew Reynolds, Luna Rivadeneira, Carter Rodrigues, Julissa Santos, Dalesandro Sarmiento, Ivan Sistrunk, Patrick Suszek, Arianna Tarkowski, Christopher Tate, Tyler Vassel, Morgan Weir

Ask the Registrar

Your Place to get Questions Answered about Voting & Local Elections in Stratford.

Getting Ready to Vote in the Municipal Elections this Fall, Including Mayor & Town Council

By Democratic Registrar James Simon

Q. How can I check and make sure if I am registered to vote?
You can contact us at Stratford Town Hall or check online: You insert your name, home town, and birthdate.

Q. I want to run for town office this fall. How do I get started?

If you identify with one of the two majors parties, I would contact the town party chair: Steve Taccogna for the Democrats ( or Lou Decilio for the Republicans (

If you want to run as an unaffiliated candidate in the November 2021 mayoral election, contact Town Clerk Susan Pawluk: call 203-385-4020 or by Email:

Q. How can I get the town to automatically mail me an Absentee Ballot for every election? I have a medical problem that prevents me from going to the polls.  

Call the Town Clerk’s office for specifics to see if you qualify. They will then send you an application and instructions. You can their office at 203-385-4020, or by Email,  

Q. I had to fill out a postcard form to register to vote in Stratford. Why haven’t you people
moved into the digital age?  

You CAN go online to register to vote or change your registration at: . You also can come to Stratford Town Hall, Registrar of Voter’s (ROV) office and fill out a form. We still keep a postcard-size, written record on each active voter. GOP Registrar Lou Decilio notes the state still mandates a hard copy of voter files be kept by each municipality.

UPDATE: See Secretary of State Merrill discuss many of these issues:

 Q:  Why do I have to register to vote?  Why not make it automatic? 

In December 2020, New York became the 19 th state to adopt an automatic voter registration law. When eligible residents fill out an application for services at the Department of Motor Vehicles, the state universities, or related agencies, they are registered automatically to vote unless they opt out. A 2019 study by the Brennan Center found automatic voter registration increased registration rates between 9 and 94 percent in jurisdictions across the country. More than one-third of Americans now live in jurisdictions that have this policy.

In Connecticut, state officials announced plans in 2016 to automatically register residents to vote via the DMV, but the program never took effect

More Questions? Please send hem to Registrar Jim Simon; This is not an official publication of the Town of Stratford.

Marching to the Beat of a Different Drummer

Know Your Town
Bunnell-Stratford High School Marching Band

by G. James Miller
Director of Bands at Frank Scott Bunnell HS

The Bunnell-Stratford High School Marching Band presently has a membership of over 110 members, incorporating students from Bunnell High School and Stratford High School.

A look back:
Originally, the “Highlanders” Marching Band were organized to perform at the Halftimes of the Bunnell High School football games, along with the cheerleaders and the dance squad. There was no “Color Guard” (Flags or Rifles) and the Drumline consisted of snare drummers and a bass drummer and the Band included a Bagpipe section. Membership ranged from 50 members to over 100. Their high standards of excellence earned them praise from the school and community.

In the late 1960’s, early 1970’s the School adopted a more contemporary (for the time) approach towards Marching Band, using the latest “Squad” drills and utilizing flags for the first time. The quality of the “Bulldog” Marching Band remained high. The Late 1970’s brought the band into a new generation of Competitive Marching Band. Drumline consisted of Multi Tenors, Multi Bass Drums and all types of Color Guard implements. The band began to travel and compete outside Connecticut, achieving success that no other CT band had at this point. The band bought its second set of uniforms with funds raised by the parents.

In the early 1990’s the indoor Drumline and Color guard were formed and students were now offered a year round option. The Band was introduced to technology. Electronics, wireless Instruments, drum trigger pads & digital samplers were used over the next 25 years. Our technological approach to the activity has been pioneering and unparalleled, including the design of a wireless percussion pad set up for a student in a wheelchair. The most contemporary marching and musical styles were incorporated and the Marching Band started to become a “household” word in the Marching Band Community. In 1988 the Band Parents purchased the current uniforms we have now.

The late 1990’s the Band expanded its membership eligibility to begin including students from Stratford High School, as well as 8th grade students from both of the town’s Middle Schools. The band also began traveling far and wide across the Nation, performing at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Shea Stadium in NY, the Reflecting pool at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, and the Hollywood Christmas Parade and the Tournament of Roses Parade in California. The group has performed at Disney World in Orlando & Disneyland in California combined over 15 times. The Band has appeared on National Television 9 times since 1998, and has garnered many awards, including several National Championships for the Indoor Drumline, several top 3 finishes for the Indoor Color Guard and over 20 State Championships for the Marching Band, including 5 consecutive State & New England titles, starting with 2016.

Our greatest pride comes not only from the awards we have won, the students that have developed a lifelong love of music, or a work ethic and commitment towards excellence that they have transferred into their other activities, but from the extraordinary amount of students who have entered into careers in Music Performance, Music Business and Music Education. From recording artists with Capitol Records and professional touring musicians to high school band directors and professors at major universities. Bunnell has had a rich tradition of students pursuing music as their life commitment.

We have always been an inclusive activity, allowing everyone who wishes to participate membership. Students with disabilities and beginning musicians have been welcomed. The Band Program offers students who may not wish to participate in competitive sports an opportunity to participate in a co-educational program that is competitive.

Any student who is interested in a membership with the Bunnell-Stratford Bulldog Marching Band and Color guard should visit – navigate to the “Students” section in the menu at the top. Students are encourage to watch the recruitment video (“Watch the Video”) first with their Parents and then click “Register Fall 2021” and submit the form. You may always reach out to the Director at Bunnell, James Miller, by email – or phone – 203-385-4261 – for more information.